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If you were to go on a hunt with the Winchesters, would you rather be hunting a...? 

11 deviants said Ghost
4 deviants said Shapeshifter
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2 deviants said Windgo
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So, I wanna watch the Legend of Korra, but I can't find a good site to watch it on. I've got one pulled up right now, but it's taking forever to load...

So, anyone know a good site?
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Have I been very active lately? No. No I have not.

Reason 1 is because after I got the first part of my Actor!Hiccup X Reader out all inspiration went bye bye. Just up and left.

Reason 2 is at the beginning of this week my immune system decide to say 'You know what Ghost? I'm gonna take a break, I'm tired of dealing with all your shit', so I got sick, and it's just been kinda beating me up. 

But, I will have more stories for you soon, including a christmas Jack Frost X Reader and the first part of my Doctor Who/Brave crossover. Maybe I'll even have a few drawing up too....maybe.

And then, I kinda want to start a youtube channel. I would mostly do games, as I can record my computer screen, and I am in the process of getting an app that records my IPod screen, but I can't to any others. I mean, would you guys even watch that? Yes, No? 
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Oliver Queen watched you with concern in his eyes as you quietly walked into the office.  You were limping ever so slightly as you went over to yours and Felicity’s shared desk, an almost invisible wince on your pale face as you sat.  But other than that nothing appeared to be wrong with you as you went about typing up reports and sorting though papers as you waited for Felicity to arrive. Oliver stared at you the whole time and when you looked over at him he offered you a quick smile to cover up his staring and then returned to his own work.

You blinked a few times and then shrugged, welcoming Felicity as she came rushing into the office, completely out of breath and gushing apology’s. Oliver stole another glance before returning to his computer.

You were fresh out of high school, and applying to several collages.  You were very good with technology, and when Felicity, who was one of your few friends, found out you were looking for a internship, she offered. You had instantly accepted, only after asking if Oliver would be okay with it, to which Felicity had replied with “The hell with Oliver.”

So that’s how you found yourself interning at Queens Consolidate.

Oliver had taken to you rather quickly, which you found a little surprising.  He had welcomed you with open arms, and pretty soon you were a part of Oliver’s little family. What you hadn’t been brought into was Oliver’s nighttime activities.  While he hadn’t told you anything, you had a pretty good idea of what he did (you did pay attention to these things), but you had never brought it up. If Oliver wanted to tell you, then he would tell you.

You had now been working here for two months, and you were always disappointed at how work passed quickly for you, so when 6 o’ clock rolled around you were hesitantly getting ready to leave. “Well, I guess I’ll see you guys later.”

Felicity stood to give you her customary good-bye hug. “Be carful out there, okay?”

“Aren’t I always?” You asked, giving the blond a cheeky smile. She replied with an eye roll.

“See you tomorrow (Name).”   Oliver called from his desk. You shot him a smile and then took you coat and left.  Oliver watched you leaved, his eyes narrowed ever so slightly.

You were still limping.

“You know, you should really tell her that you like her.” Felicity had walked over to his desk, and was shooting him a smirk. “She’s not gonna wait forever you know.”

Oliver scoffed. “You know I’m not good with the whole touchy feeling thing, right?”

“Too well.”

About a year ago Oliver and Felicity had started dating. It had lasted only a couple months, and after many awkward dates and kisses the two finally figured out that they were better off as friends than a couple. That was also when Felicity figured out that Oliver sucked at feelings. A lot.

“But that doesn’t mean you can keep avoiding it.” She continued.

“I just-“ Oliver struggled for words for a few moments before deciding to change the subject. “Did you see (Name) limping?”

“As a matter of fact I did. But what does this have to do with-“ Felicity broke off as she realized what Oliver was asking. “Oh no. Oliver Queen I will do many things for you, many, many things. But there are certain things I will NOT do, and prying into my best friends business is one of them!”

The two held a staring contest for the longest time before Oliver looked away and stood.  He had been meaning to introduce you to the Arrow, and now that he had been noticing you limping for quite awhile, now seemed like the perfect time.  The Arrow had also been keeping an eye on you, which he was sure you had noticed, so it shouldn’t seem that weird.

He hoped.

“Fine.” He shrugged and stalked off.

“What are you-Oliver!”


Your hands were shaking as you opened the door to yours and your father’s apartment. Then again, they were always shaking when you opened that door.

You opened it as slowly as you could, and when you didn’t hear bottles being smashing against the wall you let out breath you didn’t realize you had been holding.  And then you heard you name being shouted by a slurred and drunk sounding voice.

“Y-yes?” You gulped, quietly closing the door behind you in hopes to delay what was sure to come.

“Where the hell you been?” Your father glared at you though the darkly lit room, beer bottle clutched tightly in his hand as he slowly got off the couch.

“A-at my j-job.” You tried to answer as firmly as you could, but as you father got nearer and nearer you took a step back, your hand groping for the doorknob in preparation to run.

Not that you wouldn’t get very far.

“At that corporation?” Your father was now nose to nose with you, his eyes seemed to narrow ever further and you could smell his beer and drug tainted breath. “Didn’t I tell you to quit?” He hissed out, leaning ever closer so you were completely pressed up against the wall.

“I know, but-“

“Then why haven’t you?”

You didn’t answer.  Instead you chose to grip the doorknob, hoping this time that maybe you could get away, that maybe you could finally tell someone. But as always, you were stopped before you could even turn it.

“Damn it, answer me when I ask you a question!” his hand came down across your cheek in his violent outburst, and you couldn’t help but yelp and slap a hand to your quickly bruising cheek, breaking the first rule that your father had laid down.  That, of coarse, resulted in a large and hard fist in your gut.

“You stupid girl!” A foot then connected to your knee, further damaging your already damaged leg. A fist drove into your chest, leaving you gasping for breath. “I should have gotten rid of you a long time ago!”

You were knocked to the ground; head slamming painfully against the hard wood of the floor, leaving you seeing spots. Your father delivered a hard and swift kick to your chest. You could hear the noise of bones cracking, and you were left now completely out of breath as the taste of blood started to flow into your mouth.  A few more kicks and punches were delivered, and his empty beer bottle was thrown at the wall above you, showering you with broken glass before you were left alone, shaking, moaning and whimpering.

You didn’t know how long you lay there, but what you did know was that your father had never hurt you this bad before.  He had never kicked this hard, never punched this hard. The only thing you could think was that he had finally snapped. Well, fully snapped.

It was around the time that your body went numb and your vision started to fade completely when your window was slid open.  You couldn’t help but think how weird that was, as you were on the 10th floor. You herd shuffling and frantic calls of your name. A man with Oliver’s eyes and wearing a green hood came running to you, scooping you into his arms as he desperately called you name over and over.  You feebly asked “Oliver?” before passing out.


“-an’t fucking believe I didn’t notice it sooner!”

“Oliver, you’ve gotta calm down. This isn’t helping anyone.”

“I can’t calm down Dig!” Voices that you dimly recognized flowed through your warp and twisted dreams, and you slowly began to awaken as they increased in volume. “She hasn’t woken up in 3 day’s Dig! Don’t fucking tell me to calm down!”

You slowly blinked open your eyes, wincing as the dull florescent light hit your eyes, instantly inducing a pounding headache. You blinked rapidly for a few moments before looking over at where you thought the voices were coming from.

“I found her dying in her own home, how else am I supposed to react!” A frazzled looking Oliver was pacing in what you assumed to be your hospital room with Diggle trying to, and failing, to calm his friend down. Olive simply brushed him off and continued pacing, finally stopping when he saw you. “(Name)!”

He rushed over to you, relief flooding his face as he fell into the seat next to your bed. “Are you okay?”

You really didn’t know how to answer that. You knew you weren’t okay, physically and mentally. But you felt fine, although that was probably the drugs you were jacked up on. So instead you asked a question of your own. “Where am I?”

“Starling City Hospital.” All three heads turned towards the door, where Felicity stood. She was wearing everyday cloths and all around looked like crap, just like everyone else. She had a bag slung over her shoulder and was balancing three cups of cheep and disgusting hospital coffee in her hands. “Oliver brought you here after-“ Her eyes widened, and she shoved everything onto the nearest table and rushed over to you, much like Oliver had. “Oh my god your awake!”

“I-yeah.” You mumbled. “So, so I’m in a hospital?”

“Well, yeah, but how are you? Are you okay? What happened to  you?” Felicity launched into her questions, and you were saved by Dig.

“Felicity.” He warned quietly.

She looked over at him and blushed, and then back to you. “Right. Sorry.”

“That’s okay.” You smiled. Felicity was just naturally curious, and there was no stopping it.  And honestly, you kinda liked being asked all these questions, even if you didn’t want to answer them.

Diggle, who could always tell when you didn’t want to talk, launched into an avid conservation about what had happened while you had been out.  He told you that you had many visitors over these past few days, Roy and Thea among them. Barry, who you had met a few weeks ago and instantly became friends, had even made a quick run over. They had tried to get ahold of your father and mother, but never could. It didn’t surprise you, but you didn’t say anything. Diggle had then said, with a knowing smirk on his lips, that Oliver hadn’t left your bedside since you first got here.

Oliver just replied with a “Shut up Dig.”

Diggles smirk just grew.

The nurses came in shortly after, shooing everyone out of the room. When everyone was out they began to check you over, and when everything was done everyone was allowed back in. The doctor came in a little later.

You had one broken rib and a few fractured ribs, broken arm, sprained ankle and a concussion. It wasn’t that bad, you supposed, for what you had gone through, and after he reported the damage visiting hours were over.  Only Oliver had stayed.

You quickly fell into an awkward silence. You had a crush on the man for gods sake, and with no Diggle or Felicity to help the conservation along, you just didn’t know what to say.

“You almost died you know,” Oliver spoke so softly that you almost didn’t hear him. “They told me that if I hadn’t brought you in when I did, then you would have died. I was so fucking scared, that I just-”  He looked up at you, his eyes locking with yours. “ …What happened?”

You wanted to tell him. You wanted to tell him so bad.  And when you looked back up at him, the words just kept coming. And as hard as you tried, you couldn’t stop it.

“My dad was….is abusive. Ever since he got married to my mom he was abusive. When I was born he was abusive. And when I was 5 my mom said she had enough. Her bags were packed in less than 5 minutes and then she was gone. She left me there and I-I was kicked and punched for 15 years, always taking it because I thought she would be back. But she never did, and my father kept hitting me, and when I got my job he threatened me that if I didn’t quit-“

You hadn’t realized you had been crying until Oliver wiped away your tears. He spoke softly, placing one hand on top of yours and using the other to tuck a stray piece of hair behind your ear.  “It’s okay now. You’re okay now.”

He didn’t dare ask more, instead pulling you into his arms and letting you cry on his shoulder. You hated that you were crying, hated how weak you were. But at the same time you were happy that you had finally spoken up. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off your shoulders.

“You know,” You had calmed down enough to talk at this point, and as Oliver gently stroked your hair, he spoke gently. “You could always come and stay with me.”

“W-what?” You looked up, and a faint tint of red covered Oliver’s cheeks.

“I mean, you’ve got no where else to go, and I’ve got plenty of room, and that way I could look after you. Not that you need looking after, but-“

Even in your broken and confused state of mind you couldn’t help but giggle as you brushed a few stray tears away. “Why don’t you just kiss me already?”

Oliver blinked, and then he did kiss you. When he pulled away he pulled you back into his arms. “I’m gonna help you through this. We’re all going to help you. Dig, Felicity, Thea…” He listed off a few more names until he grew silent. The two of you stayed like that until you had fallen asleep, as you were tired, and going to be tired for the next few days.

Oliver smiled placed a gentle kiss on your forehead before lying you back on your bed. He didn’t say it, but after your story his heart was racing with fear and anger. He had never wanted to hurt anyone more so that your father, and even now that anger still stayed with him.

But it was okay. You were okay now, you were away from him now, and everyone was going to help you recover and get better, and that was all that mattered.
Oliver Queen x Abused!Reader - Fix You
Hey, look what I did...


I'm sorry if anyone seems OOC, I only just started watching Arrow a few weeks ago. And I'm sorry if this seems rushed. I just don't even know what I'm doing anymore.

I don't own you, the preview image or Arrow
So, you probably don't know that Merida is my favorite disney princess. If you do, well, stop stalking me. 

But anyway, I've been really into Merida lately, and I've seen a couple crossovers of Brave and Doctor Who floating around this beautiful site, so I was wondering, if I were to write a Brave/Doctor Who crossover, would you guys read it? 
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“Who was that?” You were now back in the bunker with Sam and Dean, all dressed in your normal clothes (yours, however, were now free of flour). All traces of what had happened were now gone, and you never would have guessed that a wedding had just taken place if you hadn’t been in it.

The rings were still there though.

You had a silver band on your ring finger with small diamonds embedded in the silver, while Dean had a plain silver ring. Although, if you looked close enough you could see a faint design etched on.

“That was Gabriel.” Sam answered for you. “He’s an Archangel.”

“Archangel as in-“

“The Bible Archangel, yes.” Sam finished for you, and now had a smirk on his lips. “Cas is an angle too, in case you were wondering.”

You blinked a few times, and then shook your head and turned towards Dean. “I think that you’ve got a lot to teach me.”

“Are you sure?” Dean asked. “Being a hunter takes a lot-“

“Yes, I’m sure.” You cut him off. “And besides, we’re married now.”

And that was how the rest of the day was spent. Dean told you everything he knew about every thing he knew of and how to kill them. He showed you all the different weapons and how to use some of them and he even threw in a few fun facts that had nothing to do with anything. Sam visited occasionally, usually just to bring food, but other than that he stayed away.

You were a fairly fast learner, and you already knew a surprising amount about the supernatural, so by 10 Dean was giving you a test over everything.

“So, what’s the deal with you and this fairy?” You asked after you had just finished going over Ghosts.  “I mean, I know why, but I don’t really know why…if that makes any sense.”

“You’re making perfect sense actually,” Dean had started twisting his ring around his finger as he searched for an answer to your question.  You noticed he had been doing that a lot, and you were honesty surprised he hadn’t taken it off yet. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy who could commit himself to just one person, so you figured he would have flung the ring away as soon as he could.  But you decided not to dwell on it.

“I’m just that good looking,” He finally answered, earning an eye roll from you.  You had learned in your short time together that Dean could be incredibly narcissistic at times. “But, she should be gone at the end of the month if Cas can’t find a way to send her back, so you don’t need to stick around for long.”

“So, in other words, you don’t know why.”

Dean frowned and didn’t reply.

Sam, who walked in with laptop in hand, saved you from what would have been a very awkward silence.  

“Hey,” he looked at the both of you with just a hint of confusion, and then sat down at one of the many chairs, setting the laptop down so both you and Dean could see it.  “While were waiting for Cas to find us a spell, I figured we could work a case. And Garth just sent this to me, so…”

“What have you got?” You and Dean scooted closer to Sam, who had several articles from online news papers pulled up.

“There’s a small town in Texas, just off the coast, where several woman have gone missing.  Their husbands all reported the same thing, got in an argument, wife left, never came back.” Sam was clicking through each of the articles as he explained.  “They were all seen at the same beach before they disappeared, and there wasn’t much of a struggle.”

“Well then, guess we’re going to Texas.”


Car rides with the Winchester brothers were…entertaining to say the least.

Sam had tried to change the station multiple times (“We’ve been listing to the same song on repeat for an hour!”), only to get his hand smacked away by Dean.  They got into a very heated argument about music after that, and then Castiel decided to show up halfway through.

He had appeared in the back seat right next to you, and when you offered a ‘Hey Castiel’ to the angel (you were a little surprised, but after yesterdays events, you could deal), the boys yelped and Dean swerved, earning a few honks from passing cars.

“Jesus fucking – don’t do that!”

“Sorry.” Castiel didn’t sound sorry at all.

He had very little to report of the Fairy Hunt as you so dubbed it  (“The fairy who wants to have sex with you just doesn’t work Dean”), only that Gabriel now felt the need to go into hiding because of Dean’s violent nature towards him.

Gabriel had then shown up, resulting in Dean almost driving into a tree. Once it was relatively calm he explained that no, he was not going into hiding and that he felt perfectly safe, as Sam was there to ensure his safety. He was only expressing his worry that Dean’s violent tendencies could result in someone getting hurt.

Dean and Gabriel then erupted into argument, leaving you squished between two angels before they finally left again.

“I’m not violent,” Dean grumbled, glancing over at Sam for him to confirm it. “Right?”

Sam didn’t say anything.  Instead he chose to stare out the window with a small smile on his face.

And that was how the ride down to Texas went. Sam and Dean argued about music and other trivial things, you slept and swatted the two when it got out of hand, Dean chugged more coffee than was humanly possible and Castiel and Gabriel showed up at the randomness of times, sometimes together, and other times alone. Gabriel had once managed to keep a game of I spy going for 10 minutes with the three of you before Castiel showed up.

And when you finally reached your destination Dean passed out as soon as you walked into the motel room.

When Sam finally managed to haul him onto one of the beds, he turned back towards you, FBI badge in hand (courtesy of Gabriel).  When you had found out about their illegal doings, you were surprisingly calm about it, and had asked if you would be joining. “You wanna go and check things out or wait for Dean to wake up?”

You glanced over at your husband (it was so weird to think of him as that), who was now snoring softly.

“Yeah, let’s go.”
Dean Winchester X Reader - Mating Season (part 2)
what even is this? I don't...i don't....ugh.

but anyway, CASE TIME! and meddling angels. yayz

Part 1: Dean Winchester X Reader - Mating Season (part 1)
Part 2: :reading:
Part 3: Coming soon!

I don't own you, the preview image or Supernatural 
So, I wanna watch the Legend of Korra, but I can't find a good site to watch it on. I've got one pulled up right now, but it's taking forever to load...

So, anyone know a good site?
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