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When you make instant Hot Chocolate, do you use...? 

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“Damn it!” Astrid cursed as she once again ran into the door. Hiccup laughed from his position on the bed, earning a glare from his girlfriend. “This isn’t funny!”

“Sorry.” Hiccup shook his head and then stood, coming over to the wheelchair Astrid was in and placing his hands on the handles. “Here, I’ll help.”

Astrid didn’t really want his help, as she wanted to figure this thing out by herself, but she also wanted to get out of this stupid hospital. So, with a dejected sigh, she nodded and let Hiccup wheel her out.

A month had passes since Astrid had been admitted to the hospital, and after that long and grueling month the doctors were finally letting her go. They had issued her a wheelchair that she could control by blowing into a tube (A/N: I hope you all know what I’m talking about…), and given her several precautions that she hadn’t listened too, and sent her on he way.

She had been trying to figure out the stupid wheel chair for a good 10 minuets before Hiccup had taken over.

They were now exiting the front door, where Ruff and Fishlegs were waiting for her with Fishleg’s mother’s van. They were both flashing smiles, and Astrid couldn’t help but return them.

“How are you feeling?” Ruff asked, using that weird super strength of hers to lift Astrid into the van, wheelchair and all.

“It could be better.” Astrid grumbled, blinking as she felt a familiar set of feathers brushing against her cheek. “Stormfly!” The little blue bird happily squawked in response, ruffling her feathers as she did so. “I can’t believe you brought her!”

“Yeah, well,” Ruff hopped into the passenger set, slamming the door shut. “She was driving me nuts.”

“Driving you nuts?” Hiccup looked offended at the girl’s words. “I was the one who took care of her! If she was driving anyone nuts it was me!”

“What ever helps you sleep at night.” Hiccup and Ruff’s argument continued, with the occasional laugh from Fishlegs, but Astrid paid it no mind. Instead she continued to stroke Stormfly, happy to have something normal back in her life.


They had arrived at Astrid’s house, and this time Hiccup was the one to carry her out of the car. They got her to the front door easily enough, but the stairs was a whole new challenge.

In the end they had Hiccup carry her up the stairs, Ruff carry her wheelchair and her Mother her meager belongings she had in the hospital. They got her settled in quickly, and then her Mother went back downstairs to make snacks while the posse of 4 was left in Astrid’s room.

“So, are you ready to go back to school?” Ruff asked, snagging a magazine off Astrid’s desk.

Yes, she had just gotten out of the hospital, but she missed so much school that she really couldn’t afford to stay out any longer.

“No.” Astrid replied bluntly. “Not in a million years.”

“You know we’ll be there to help you out, right?” Fishlegs asked, a small smile on his lips.

“Yeah.” Astrid returned that smile, and then turned towards Hiccup, usual Astrid glare in place. “You better come and get me tomorrow.”

“Of coarse m’lady.” Hiccup grinned, and Astrid had never wanted to punch him more in her entire time of knowing him then right now.


School had been a challenge.

Astrid hadn’t been able to go anywhere by herself, and either had to have Hiccup, Fishlegs, Ruff, or anyone of her numerous friends to wheel her around. And then there where the pity looks, which she received from pretty much everyone.

But that didn’t even compare to classes.

She couldn’t do anything. She just sat there while someone else took notes for her, or wrote down her homework while she told them the answers. Gym class was pretty brutal too, as the only thing she could do was sit. She thanked to gods that Hiccup shared that class, and he was allowed to sit out for most of the class with her.

The two lovers were now at Hiccup house, busy doing homework. Toothless had curled himself up in Astrid’s lap, and was purring away happily as Hiccup finished the last bit of his homework.

“And done.” Hiccup threw his pencil down, and then turned to Astrid. “Ready to start yours?”

Astrid didn’t reply.

“Astrid?” Hiccup rolled himself and the chair over to his girlfriend, his face clouding over with concern.  “You okay?”

Astrid looked up at him, conveying what needed to be said without words. She went to look back down again, but Hiccup placed his hands on her cheeks and kept her head in place.

“You can’t let them get to you Astrid.” He said, briefly looking down as Toothless jumped over to his lap.  They both stared at the rather fat cat before looking back up at each other.  “You’re going to get through this, with or without their help, okay?”

Astrid knew she should be letting the other kids at school get to her, but she just couldn’t help it.  

“Trust me Astrid.” Hiccup said quietly.

And she did. “Yeah, okay.”

Hiccup smiled, and then gave her a chastise kiss before wheeling back over to his desk.  “Now then, what was the main cause of world war 1?”
Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 4
Part 4 of :iconraydawggie: commision

Welp...this is the end (I can't say so in the title because I can't add anymore words). 

I know its not very long but I felt like if I went on any further it just wouldn't end, and this seemed like a good place to end...I think...? ...Don't be mad...please...

Part 1: Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 1
Part 2: Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 2
Part 3: Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 3
Part 4 (END): :reading:

I don't own Astrid, Hiccup, or How to train your dragon...although I think I will watch it today...
When you make instant Hot Chocolate, do you use...?
11 deviants said Milk
5 deviants said Water
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Less then 5% chance of being able to walk again…

…Less then 5%...

…Not walking…


Broken sentences kept flying through Astrid’s mind as Hiccup wheeled her back to her room.  She had been here for a little over a week, and Hiccup hadn’t left in the entirety of that week. Astrid really was grateful to him.

The doctor (who Astrid found out was named Tom), had just finished the tests and had come back with the results.

Astrid had less then 5% chance of being able to walk again.

It was her chose of whether or not she wanted to take physical therapy, but at this point, Astrid just didn’t see the point.

The two had reached the hospital room, and Hiccup was now lifting Astrid to place her back on her bed. She wanted so badly to wrap her arms around his strong shoulders, to run her figures through his hair.  But all she could do was stare at his eyes as he placed her on the bed with a soft thump.

“You okay?” Hiccup asked quietly, pulling the plastic chair up to the bedside.  The room was a lot cleaner now, seeing as how Toothless had to go back home and the textbooks were gone.

Astrid just looked at Hiccup, a pained look on her face as her eyes started to fill with tears.  She let Hiccup pull her into his arms as she started to cry.

This was the second time she had cried this past week, and she hated it. She hated felling so weak, and now that she was paralyzed, it just-

“Astrid?” Hiccup repeated.

“No, I’m not okay Hiccup.” She managed to choke out. “I-I’m never going to be able to walk, never play sports. I can’t write, I can’t play with Toothless or Stormfly, I can’t do anything! I wont be able to do anything!”

The tears were falling now, and Astrid blinked in surprise as Hiccup swiftly pulled her away from his body, efficiently stopping her crying.

“Astrid listen to me.” Hiccup had a hard look on his face, but it was also a caring look. “You can still do those things.”

“No, I can’t.” Astrid felt like she was going to cry again. “Didn’t you hear him? I have less than a 5% chance-“

“Exactly.” Hiccup said. “A chance. That means you can walk again. You will walk again.”


“Astrid.” Hiccup’s face had now completely melted into a caring and kind look. He moved his hands to her cheeks, where he knew she could feel them. “I can’t say I fully know what you’re going through, but I do have an idea. But what I know for sure is that you’re going to make it through this.”

Astrid knew he was talking about the time when he was stuck in the hospital after having his left leg amputated.  It had been a hard time on everyone, but Hiccup had made it through.

“Yeah, okay…” Astrid didn’t look up at Hiccup when he spoke, and she hardly believed herself when she answered. But there was still that small part that DID believe in what Hiccup told her, and she was eternally grateful for that.

And as Hiccup’s words started to sink in more and more, Astrid started to believe more and more, and with her mind finally made up, she looked up at Hiccup. “Do you think you could braid my hair?”

They had taken her long hair out of its braid, and the silky strands were now pooling around her shoulders.  She hated having her hair down, but she had been too scared to ask anybody to fix it, but now that Hiccup had giving her a little pep talk (which she needed), she was going to start getting back to her old self, and the first way to do that was her appearance.

She just thanked God that Hiccup knew how to braid hair.

“Sure.” Hiccup smiled, and then after shuffling around, started to put the blond hair back it it’s usual braid.
Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 3
part 3 of :iconraydawggie: commission 

I am sofuckingsorrythistooksolong! I just got really busy with school, and then my Mother was using this computer for her work, and I haven't been able to get on, and then I finally started watching 'Supernatural' and the stupid Winchesters have been taking over my life and I slept a grand total of one and a half hours last night so I don't even know how I'm properly functioning and it's not cool and I made this really short, but I just wanted a little sweet thing before I got onto the other chapters and I feel so fucking bad and it's not even funny. I'M SORRY!

Part 1: Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 1
Part 2: Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 2
Part 3: :reading:
Part 4 (END): Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 4

I don't own Hiccup, Astrid or How to train your dragon
Astrid’s head was pounding.

It hurt, and she wasn’t entirely sure why.  But that wasn’t the weird thing. The weird thing was that she couldn’t feel the rest of her body. It was just numb.

She struggled to open her eyes; they were so heavy from sleep. She finally did open them; and she instantly squinted because of the bright light.  When they finally adjusted, the first thing she was met with was the intense green of Hiccup’s eyes.

“Astrid!” Hiccup sounded so relieved, but she didn’t miss the sadness that tinted his voice. He was in his school cloths, with his backpack and textbooks scattered across the floor and Toothless in his lap.  

He pressed the red call button, and then sent a quick text before turning back to his girlfriend.  She could only assume that he was instructed to alert the doctors when she woke.

“Can you set me up?” Astrid’s voice came out hoarse and scratchy, and she briefly wondered how long she had been out. It must have been awhile for Hiccup to be doing homework. He did what she asked, and since she had one of those reclining beds, it didn’t take very long. “Is everything okay?”

Hiccup faltered. “Y-yeah, everything’s fine.”

“Hiccup.” Astrid went to move her hand, only to find that she couldn’t. “Hiccup?” She spoke his name again, only this time with panic. “What’s wrong?”

Hiccup didn’t answer right away, and when he did, the door opened, reveling the doctor that must be in charge of Astrid, efficiently cutting him off. He shared the same look that Astrid did, and Astrid was really starting to fell the panic button being pressed.

The doctor was clean cut, and when he went to sit on those swivel stools that doctors always seemed to have, his eyes never met Astrid’s. “I’m glad to see your up.”

“How long have I been out?” Astrid knew something was wrong, and she wasn’t going to deal with any bull shit. “A week?”

“A week and a half.” The doctor replied, taking out a small file. “You suffered from a concussion and minor head wounds.” He pulled out a pen and clicked it open, and then started to furiously scribble away in the file. “You hit your head on a rock while diving in your friends lake, so it’s only natural.”

“What else?” Astrid asked quietly.

“What do you mean what else?” The doctor put on a look of confusion, but Astrid could see through the awful attempt at comforting her.

“I can’t feel my fucking body.” She growled through clenched teeth. “So you tell me what’s wrong!”

The doctor looked torn, and then he finally took a breath. “When you hit your head, you severely damaged your spinal cord.  We fixed it as best we could, but…” He trailed off, and after glancing at Hiccup, he continued. “…You’ve been paralyzed from the shoulders down.”

Astrid’s eyes widened, and her mouth opened ever so slightly.

“We don’t know if it’s temporary or not.” The doctor hurriedly continued. “We’ll have to do more tests, so until those are completed, you’ll have to stay with us.” And then with out another word he left.

“…I’m paralyzed…?” Astrid spoke so quietly, and Hiccup felt his heart wrench when he saw the terrified look in her sky blue eyes.

“Astrid…” On instinct Hiccup reached towards her hand, placing his on top of hers as Toothless jumped off his lap and onto the bed.

But Astrid didn’t feel it.

She didn’t feel the light squeeze he gave her, or the calluses and cuts that covered the freckled skin, or the warmth that always radiated from him. She didn’t feel any of that.

And that scared her.

Astrid opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off by the door opening for the second time. This time it was her mother, and she looked so scared at defeated that for the briefest of times, Astrid couldn’t even worry about herself.

“Astrid!” Her mother rushed to her bed, sitting down on the soft surface as she wrapped her daughter in a hug she couldn’t feel. “I came as soon as I could.”  She then detached herself, placing her hands on her cheeks as she looked her only daughter in the eyes.

Astrid could fell her hands this time, and she felt so much relief at that little action.

“Are you alright?” Her mother asked, worry clearly written on her eyes. “How do you feel?”

“I-“ Astrid’s voice cracked, and she looked down. “I really don’t know…”

Her mother dropped her hands, letting them fall into her lap as Hiccup moved closer to the bed. Astrid let out a silent sigh as she looked at her blanket-covered body.  It felt so strange to her, to see something that was attached to her that she couldn’t feel.


She was paralyzed…

“You’re going to get through this.” Her mother spoke quietly and Astrid looked back up at her, the reality of her situation finally sinking in.

She gave her a small smile, and then stood up from the bed. “I’m going to go get water. Do you want anything Hiccup?”

“Coffee would be nice.” He replied. Astrid’s mother gave a small nod, and then quietly left the room.

Hiccup squeezed Astrid’s hand tighter, and after another moment of silence, he spoke. “So Ruff and Fishlegs should be able to visit tomorrow…they’ve been bringing me my homework I hope you know.”

“You haven’t gone to school?” Astrid knew school had started a few day’s ago, and she was honestly surprised that Hiccup hadn’t gone.

“I didn’t want to leave you.” He said, his eyes meeting hers again. “Not until I knew you would wake up.”

“Hiccup…am I ever going to be able to walk again?” Astrid’s voice had become so small and fragile, and for the first time since she woke she was truly showing how scared she was.

And it broke Hiccup’s heart a thousand time’s over.

“Of coarse you will.” He said, moving his hands to her shoulders. “I mean, you’re Astrid Hofferson.” Toothless let out a purr of agreement, and Astrid couldn’t help but let a small smile tug at her lips.

“Do you really think that?”

“I know that.” Hiccup placed a small kiss on her lips. “Because I’m going to help you. We’re all going to help you.”

Despite Hiccup’s words, Astrid still felt panic. What if she never DID walk again? What if she never regained any movement at all? She wouldn’t be able to touch or feel, to write, to play sports. She wouldn’t be able to do anything fore herself.

“Astrid,” Hiccup’s hand’s moved to her cheeks. “I promise.”

The full force of her situation finally hit her, and it left a searing pain in her chest as she let Hiccup hold her as she cried.
Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 2
Part 2 of :iconraydawggie: commission


Part 1:…
Part 2: :reading:
Part 3: Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 3
Part 4 (END): Hiccup X Astrid - Putting our life back together 4

I don't own the preview image or how to train your dragon
Sep 5, 2014
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So, you know how when you're reading gay fan fiction, you tend to stay away from family members when you're doing so?

Well, that's exactly what I was doing, staying downstairs while I was reading gay fan fiction. 

And my mother came down stairs, and got curious as to what I was reading. She asked to read it, and after a 10 minuet argument I had to fork it over. So I sat is shame for the next minuet while mother read gay fan fiction.

I expected to be yelled at, but what I got was "So you're reading a story about a gay guy. What's wrong with that?"

I have never been so relieved in my life. 
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like i said in the journal, i really want a premuim membership. but you guy's could just give me one *shot*

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If you whant me to draw a specific person, youll have to link me a pic. and if you want a background that's an extra :points: and i guess i'll do reader inserts...5 :points: a chapter.

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