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Once I get around to finishing things who would you like to see in a reader insert series next? 

12 deviants said Gray Fullbuster
9 deviants said Sam Winchester
8 deviants said Death the Kid
1 deviant said Other (comment below please)


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“They should just kiss and get it over with.” Barry grumbled, winching as Cisco jabbed the needle in his arm. “It’s disgustingly cute to watch them every single day.”

“Oh, like you have any room to talk.” Cicso snapped, harshly pulling the plunge of the needle up, taking his dose of blood (he was just a tad stressed).  Central City’s newest metahuman had some kind of snake venom, and Barry being Barry had gotten a good dose. Weird thing was, it hadn’t affected him at all, so Cisco was going to try and make an antidote with Barry’s blood sample. “You’re just as bad with Iris.”

“Yeah, well-“ Barry tried to retort, but he really didn’t have anything to say to that.

Cisco rolled his eyes, yanking the needle out.  He wasn’t going to bother with a Band-Aid, because as soon as he put it on the puncture would have already healed.

Barry glared and rubbed his shoulder. “Why are you so grumpy?”

“Snake people Barry!” Cisco yelled, waving the needle around franticly. “Freaking snake people!”

“At least it’s not bees.” You joked, handing the venom filled test tube to Caitlin.

“Shut up!”

You chuckled as Cicso stormed off, grumbling about a 100 miles an hour. Barry looked slightly alarmed at what the young scientist was saying.

Caitlin nudged your shoulder, giving you a small grin. “Don’t be mean (Name).”

“When am I ever mean?” you asked, giving her your own grin. “I’m the nicest guy ever.”

“Sure.” Caitlin rolled her eyes. “Let’s go with that.”

You chuckled, turning back towards Barry as he let out a loud groan.

“Yes?” You asked.

“Will you two just-“ He gestured wildly, and when you only raised your eyebrows he let out a choked scream before jumping off the table and running off to god knows where.

It was silent for a long time.

“…Think we should tell them?” Caitlin asked.

“Nah.” You grinned as you slipped your arm around your girlfriend’s waist, pulling her close to your side.  “Let them suffer.”

“And you’re nice how?’ Caitlin asked, accepting the kiss you gave her.

“Just like that.”

Barry came back a few hours later, announcing he would be gone for the rest of the day on a date with Iris. You never heard from Cicso, except for a faint call of ‘his names Copperhead!’ from his own lab.
Caitlin Snow x Male!Reader - Should we?
request for :iconjetrayf: 

hm...i do believe I almost have the whole set now. All that's missing is Iris and Eddie....i should do a reader insert for them too....

Anyway, I know it's kinda short, but i hope you like it. 

And thumbs up for Copperhead, if anyone knows who that is. (not sure if he's strictly a flash villain, but he was in justice league) 
You had been too young to remember much the night that your mother died. The only thing that had stood out in your fragile 5-year-old mind was a person inside a yellow streak. He wore a suit of red, but even with his mask you had always thought that he looked so much like your brother. It was his eyes, you had reasoned.

He had taken you and Barry far away from home faster than you could blink. He had been so kind to you two, and handled you with such care that you would have thought the flash man was your brother if Barry hadn’t been standing right next to you.  He had even given you the same smile that Barry saved just for you.

Once the flash man disappeared, you turned to look at Barry, who looked just as surprised as you.  He, however, snapped out of it first.

“We gotta get back to mom!”

You blinked, hugging the blanket you had taken a little closer.  Now that the flash man was gone, fear was starting to set in. “Yeah, but I don’t know where we are…”

Barry’s gaze softened, and he reached out to take your hand. You waited no time, gripping his tightly, seeking any comfort from your older brother that you could get. “Just follow me, okay Squirt?”

You couldn’t even get mad at him for the dreaded nickname, so you simply nodded.  Barry gave you a small smile, and then tugged you along in a brisk run. And while you were 5 years younger, you managed to keep up for half the way before tugging on Barry’s arm, asking him to slow down.

Barry stopped completely, and then knelt down and lifted you onto his back. Once you were safely secure he took off again.

When you got back to your small house, you were surprised to find the place flooded with police cars.  Barry had slowed enough to let you jump off his back, and the two of you looked around, confused, before spotting paramedics quickly wheeling someone out of the front door.

You only needed to see the flash of blond hair to know who it was.

“Bar?” You asked, tugging on Barry’s sleeve as you looked back at him with wide eyes. “What are they doing to mom?”

Barry didn’t answer.


And then Barry took off running, leaving you on the lawn. He was heading straight for your mother, and he would have made it if Joe hadn’t been coming out of the house at that exact moment.  

He stopped the 10 year old before he could get to her, holding Barry back as he struggled violently. His struggling only intensified as they pushed your father out of the house in cuffs, and all you could do was stare with wide eyes as tears started to fall down your cheeks.

You may have only been 5, but you knew very well what was happening.

You finally found the strength to run over to Barry, tripping and stumbling along the way, and when you reached your brother you heard Joe say something about it being your father’s fault before Barry went limp, giving up.

“Barry?” You squeaked, reaching out your hand as you held your blanket close.  Both Joe and Barry have you sad looks, and when they did you saw something you could never forget.

Barry was crying. Your big, strong, smart, idiot brother was crying.

And that had been the first and last time in 15 years he ever did.
Harrison Wells X Reader- Home (prologue)

Gah, I know I have requests to do and reader inserts to finish and home work do do but I just-this has been stuck in my head for the longest time and I just had to get it out! Garhhhhhhh! 

Ah, whatever. The internet needs some Wells least I do...

I don't own you, the preview image, or the Flash. 

Prologue: :reading:
Part 1: Coming soon!  
When you had learned the truth about Harrison Wells, it had hurt. It had hurt more than you could possibly describe, and Barry and Joe didn’t try to stop you as you ran out of Barry’s lab, hand clamped to your mouth with tears pooling in your eyes.

The youngest speedster had come after you a mew minutes later, finding you in one of the interrogation rooms of the station where he took a seat next to you on the floor. He didn’t say anything. He only placed his hand atop yours, giving it a gentle squeeze as you cried and hiccupped and sobbed as quietly as you could manage.

You supposed you should have seen it coming. Deep down in your heart you had always known something was wrong about he esteemed scientist, but you had always pushed those feelings to the side. You wanted to believe he was the kind and caring man you thought you knew, and perhaps he was. Perhaps he was kind and caring, but just showed it in his own special way. He had certainly been kind and caring to you.

Even if he was the Reverse Flash.

He had always taken time out of his day to ask about yours, spent time with you when you were feeling lonely or insecure about your work. He constantly reassured you that you were amazing, talented and smart, and once you had thought he had even whispered beautiful.

He had held you the one time you cried in front of him, and had never spoken of it. He had a special smile just for you, and he always showed it whenever you walked into the room. His laughs would be lighter, his smile a little wider, and his eyes a little brighter.

When your sobs started to get louder Barry pulled you into a gentle hug, and you tried not to get your tears on his sweater (he did ever so love his STAR labs sweater) as you clutched to him at tightly as you could with shaking hands.

You hated yourself for falling in love with Harrison Wells, and yet you could want nothing more.
Harrison Wells X Reader - Hurt
Hey...remember that one shot a day thing...

Oh my god I am so sorry I have been gone for so long! It's just that school work had been piling up, and I just started drivers training a few day's ago, so i don't get home till 5, and then I have to cook and clean and do my homework and by the time i'm done i'm just so done with everything.

Anyway, here's to the newest Flash Episode!...anybody wanna fangirl about Grodd with me?

I both love and hate this crazy bastard so much that it's like a mini civil war going on in my head.

I don't own you, the preview image or The Flash
“So, you’ve been having dreams about Cas?” The four of you had arrived back at your apartment without much trouble. You received a few glares from some of the girls as you climbed into the back of the Impala (Dean wanted you to go together), but other than that it was pretty uneventful.

“Yeah,” you nodded, nursing the mug of coco you had made. “But it’s different every time. It just…gets worse, and every time I come close to talking to him, he just…goes further in…” you had told them about the forest, the broken wings, everything.  Well, after the fight between Gabriel and Dean.

Dean was still giving you skeptical looks, but Sam seemed to believe you.  

“It’s really not all that strange for us.” He said, glancing over at Gabriel. “But why would (Name)…?”

“She’s the prophet of the lord Sammy.” Gabriel shrugged from where he was leaning on the back of the couch. “It’s only natural.”

Dean looked up, eyes widened ever so slightly. “She’s…the prophet?” Some memory seemed to be playing in his mind, but it passed quickly. He shook his head to rid himself of it completely, and then glared at the archangel. “Why wouldn’t you tell us? Why wouldn’t Cas tell us?”

“Cas went missing a few days before I found her.” Gabriel replied. “And I had to keep her safe somehow, and not telling you guys seemed like the best option.”

“I-“ Dean looked like he wanted to argue, but he couldn’t seem to come up with an argument, so he finally sighed. “Yeah, you’re probably right.”

A sad silence fell over the room. You didn’t know what was going unsaid, and at this point you really didn’t want to know, so you cleared your throat, bringing attention back to you. “So-so what are you going to do?” You asked, and when you were met with confused looks you continued. “About Castiel, I mean.”

“He was last seen at your school, right?” Sam asked, leaning forward ever so slightly. You nodded. “So I guess we’ll have to find a way to go undercover for a few days, since we couldn’t get much out of the students.”

“Like…like ‘student teacher’ undercover?” You blinked. While you may not know the Winchester brothers very well, you did know they were both fairly good looking, and that wasn’t going to end well, what with the girls in your school.  

Sam smiled, but it didn’t seem convincing. “Well, that’s really all we can do.”

Gabriel looked between the three of you and then pushed himself off the back of the couch. “Well, I’ll go set something up for us.”

“Us?” Dean asked.

“Anything (Name) is involved in, I’m involved in.” Gabriel smirked. “So deal with it.” He then flew out of the room, leaving you, Sam and Dean alone.

“This isn’t-this isn’t going to end well, is it?”

“Probably not.”

You sighed, leaning back into the couch. There was no stopping Gabriel now, so might as well just sit back and wait for the damage to pass.


When Gabriel came back, all three of you had already fallen asleep. Sam had taken the couch, Dean was on the chair, and you had migrated back to your bed, where you had buried yourself under your many blankets.

“So?” Gabriel turned back around. Dean was sitting up in the chair, arms crossed over the blanket and very much awake.

“I got us subbing for at least three days.” Gabriel started shuffling through the papers he had, giving one to Dean. “It’s all classes that (Names) in, so if we need any help…”

“History?” Dean blinked as he read his paper. “You want me teaching history?”

“There weren’t a whole lot of options, okay?” Gabriel defended himself.

“Then what are you and Sammy teaching?”

“I’ve got Mythology and religion, and Sam’s got AP lit.” Gabriel then grinned. “Should be fun.”

Dean groaned. “Yeah, fun.”
Gabriel X Reader - Something like that (part 3)
I'm...not sorry this is so short. I am sorry though that I didn't get this up sooner.
god damn gay children's shows....

I don't own you, the preview image or SPN

Part 1: Gabriel X Reader - Something like that (part 1)
Part 2: Gabriel X Reader - Something like that (part 2)
Part 3: :reading:
Part 4: Coming soon! 
“Fix my breaks.” You repeated, ignoring you sister, Kassie, as she reached over to take the wheel.  “I mean, normally I would just teleport us out, but making a jump halfway across the world like that kinda takes a lot out of you, and doing a barrel roll would result in instant death, so-“


“Hold on Kassie, I’m trying to explain to the robot man-“

“(Name), seriously!”

“But anyway, my gas pedal is stuck to the floor, so I can’t wait for us to slow down either-“


“What?” You snapped back, eyes widening drastically. “Fuck.”

“Grab on!” Tony did give you a chance to reply before he grabbed you both by the waist. He then flew out of the broken windshield just as your truck took a dive off a cliff.

“Oh. I liked that truck.”

“I’ll get you a new one.” Tony mumbled, throwing you over his shoulder and readjusting Kassie as he took off back to Steve and Clint. “One that’s not a piece of shit.”

“But I liked that piece of shit.” You whined, swaying back and forth over Tony’s shoulder.

“Oh, get over it.” Kassie grumbled. “You needed a new one anyway.”

You huffed, but didn’t say anything else. When Kassie gave her verdict, the conversation was over.

Tony looked at you and then Kassie, and he couldn’t help but feel like his life just got a hell of a lot more interesting.
Tony Stark X Reader - Crash (part 2)
What have I done with my life?

I really wanna go on with this, but if I do then I won't finish all the other things i'm going, and i'll leave them there and then people with get angry and i just-fkanignoeaf

as always, i'm open to suggestions for my oneshot challenge! 

I don't own you, the preview image, Tony Stark or the Avengers 

You know what?

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 3:48 PM

After I get all my shit updated (that includes Fanfiction and Wattpad) I'm gonna dedicate my weekend to watching Glee. Because I can.

...I also have to do my Astronomy homework. 

...should be fun. 

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