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If you were to go on a hunt with the Winchesters, would you rather be hunting a...? 

9 deviants said Ghost
4 deviants said Shapeshifter
4 deviants said Demon
2 deviants said Windgo
2 deviants said Vampire
1 deviant said A Urban legend (please comment)
No deviants said Werwolf



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You had never been on for movies. In fact most of them you didn’t like, maybe even hated. You preferred to stick with books and tending to your farm, and the occasional T.V. show you managed to pick up on your satellite dish.  So for you, an all American country girl, to be dating one of the worlds most famous actors, well, lets just say no one ever saw it coming.

But, I suppose we should start at the beginning of your little story.

It had all started when you woke up to find a band of directors and actors outside your door.

You had woken up at your usual time, 6 am sharp. You were a morning person by nature, so you were all ready to go as soon as you left your bed. You made your breakfast of bacon and eggs, and at 6:20 you were out the door and in your barn.  

You owned two horses, Phil and Clint. Phil, who was the bigger of the two, was a deep brown with a black mane and tail. Clint was a lighter brown with a white mane and tail. And while they were big and scary and often fought, well, as much as horses could fight, with each other, they were really just giant teddy bears.

“Hey you two,” you had a bucket of oats in one hand and two apples in the other. Phil and Clint started to whine. “Hungry as always I see.”

You went to each of them in turn, giving them each a helping of the oats and stroking their muzzles as you fed them their apples.  You then gave them water, and as they were happily sucking it up you grabbed your warmest coat, as it was still winter, and a blanket, laying it across Clint’s back (you preferred to go bare back).

“Well, then you ready to go?”

Clint, who you were choosing to ride today, let of a sharp huff.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” you chided, opening the stall door. “It’s been a while since you’ve been out, and you need the exercise. You’re getting a little fat.”

This time Clint nipped lightly at your coat sleeve.

“Hey!” You lightly swatted his muzzle. “Don’t be rude Clint.”

Clint put up no further complaints, and you hopped on and lead him out of the barn and to the apple trees.  You passed your small herd of cows and chickens on the way, and you weren’t all that surprised to see that most had migrated to the barn.  You made a mental note to get more feed and then spurred Clint back on track.

There went any apples, which wasn’t all that surprising, but the trees were covered in frost. You let out a small smile, and then lead him into the small stretch of pines.

You loved looking at your farm in the winter.  Nearly every surface was covered in frost or snow, and occasionally in ice. In it’s own right, everything just seemed so alive during winter. You didn’t necessarily like winter, as you did have crops to grow, but you did enjoy looking at the scenery.

When you go back to the barn the sun was now fully showing, shining down on the snow. You had to shield you eyes at the glare it made, and as soon as you got Clint back in the barn you headed back to the house to make a cup of hot coco.

Your plans were put on hold, however, because there were two men standing at you door.

“Can I help you?” you had taken your coat off in the barn, so you now had your arms wrapped tightly around your chest, as you were rather cold.

“Are you the owner of this place?” the older one, who was also much larger, asked. You didn’t recognize him, although the younger one, who you found quite good-looking, looked faintly familiar. From where, you didn’t know.  


“I’m Gobber.” He spoke as if you should have known him. But you didn’t, so you simply stared, waiting for further detail.   “I’m a director…over 27 movies…”

When you didn’t make any acknowledgment that you knew or ever herd of him, he looked absolutely crestfallen.

“Cheer up Gobber,” the other male nudged his shoulder. “Not everybody knows every director.”

This only seemed to make Gobber sadder.

You looked at Gobber for a little while, and then turned towards the other male, who was currently rolling his eyes. You couldn’t help but notice how green his eyes were, even with glasses on. And then you started noticing other things, like how fluffy his hair was or the dusting of freckles across his cheeks.

“I’m Hamish Haddock,” he said, smiling. “But you can just call me Hiccup.”

“Hiccup.” You repeated slowly, and then it clicked. “You’re that-oh!”

“Now she gets it.”  Gobber grumbled.

“Sorry, I just don’t watch a lot of movies.” You defended your self rather quickly.

Hamish, or Hiccup as he liked to be called, was the star of How to train your Dragon 1 and 2, with Gobber as director and actor. It was based of his life, believe it or not, only taking place in Viking times because Hiccup had a rather unhealthy obsession with dragons from what you could gather.  They had been the only movies you had really enjoyed, and now that he was standing at your door, well…

“So uh, what exactly do you want?” you had led the two inside, and was now poring the two a mug of your homemade hot coco. You did show hospitality, even to people who randomly showed up at your door.

“Well,” Gobber took the mug from you and set it on the table, waiting until he finished talking. “We’re filming another movie, and as we were driving by I saw you land and it was perfect for some of the scenes.”

“So, you want to film here?”

Gobber nodded, taking a sip of the hot coco. He blinked in surprise. “This is really good!”

“Well I should hope so.” You replied, taking a seat at the table, right in-between Hiccup and Gobber. “Secret family recipe and all that.”

“So I suppose I can’t ask for it, right?” Hiccup, who had already downed half his mug, smiled sheepishly.

“No sir, you cannot.” Hiccup sighed dramatically. You shook your head at him and then turned back to Gobber. “So, filming?”

Gobber then launched into a very detailed explanation, with Hiccup throwing in little details here and there.  There weren’t a whole lot of people, as they had done most of the filming, and Gobber requested that him and the actors could stay in the house while the rest of the crew stayed in their trailers (you had plenty of spare rooms, so you didn’t mind).  They would pay you for every week they stayed, and they would stay out of your way as you went about your daily chores.

You agreed.

“Great!” Gobber beamed. “I can pull up an official contract if you want.”

“No, no that’s fine.” You said quickly. “Just tell me when everyone’s moving in and we should be good.”

“Well if that’s the case, we should be here by the end of the week.”

You smiled. You liked these two already. “Then I’ll see you in a couple days.”
Actor!Hiccup X Reader - Just like a movie (part 1)
I have no idea how this is gonna go. It was born along with Stephan the duck, a baby duck who follows one Nico di Angelo around and is convinced he's his mother. Nico later becomes the duck's mother. Percy is the father. 

So...I guess just tell me what you think...

Part 1: :reading:
Part 2: Coming soon!

I don't own you, the preview image, or how to train your dragon 
If you were to go on a hunt with the Winchesters, would you rather be hunting a...?
9 deviants said Ghost
4 deviants said Shapeshifter
4 deviants said Demon
2 deviants said Windgo
2 deviants said Vampire
1 deviant said A Urban legend (please comment)
No deviants said Werwolf
“Are ya sure this is what ya want?” Gobber placed a hand on your shoulder, worry etched onto his face.

“You can always stay,” Astrid took a step away from Stormfly and twords you, her expression mirroring Gobbers.”

“Yeah.” You spoke quietly, gently running your hand over your unborn child. “It’s-it’s for the best.”

Gobber held your gaze for a few more moments. He then looked over at Astrid and sighed. A small smile tugged at both their lips. “We’ll miss ya, ya know.”

“I’ll miss you too.” You then pulled the rather robust man and skinny girl into a hug. This was the man that found you when you first washed ashore, who helped nurse you back to health. They were the one that was with you through all 7 months of your pregnancy, and they were the one who cheered you up when you needed it most.

You didn’t want to leave them, but you had too if you wanted to start over.

And god did you want to start over.


They had found you washed up on the shores of Berk, passed out and dying.  

When you had woken up you were in a strange place, and that wild and feral part of you took over, and you tore apart the home in fear and desperation, letting your skin morph into sleek red scales and your eyes into slits. When they had calmed you down you felt an immense amount of guilt, and apologized over and over.

The younger one said he didn’t mind, only that he was glad that you were okay.

The older one started asking what you were.

You didn’t want to tell them, and the younger one didn’t make you. He said that it was your business, and you could tell them on your own time, if you even wanted to tell them at all.

You had never been so grateful.


The boat had finally pulled up to the docks. Trader Johan was aboard, as he had agreed to take you where you needed to go.

“Well, I guess…” You hoisted your bag up on your shoulder. Gobber nodded, and Astrid gave you one last hug before sending you off.

Valka hadn’t come, and you couldn’t help but feel disappointment. But, when you were halfway up the plank and a voice you had grown to love and hate sounded in your ears, you suddenly knew why.

“(Name), wait!”


You had told Hiccup, Astrid and Gobber what you were a long time ago.  

You were from a race of people that could use magic.  You yourself mostly used it to do the dragon human hybrid that Hiccup and Gobber had first saw, but it could be used for small things.

You had also told them that the reason you came here was to see and maybe even train a dragon. You hadn’t planned on your ship crashing, and you most certainty didn’t plan on coming close to dying.

The three had been a little skeptical, but after a while you were brought into their little group of friends with open arms.

And then that night happened.

You weren’t sure if it was the mead or if it just seamed right, but you had Hiccup had done some things you weren’t very proud of.  It had been one of those classic Viking celebrations, and after a few drinks and much flirting you and Hiccup left, and didn’t show up for the rest of the night.

The next day Hiccup had left before you had woken up.

Astrid had wanted to punch him in the face. She actually did try, but both you and Gobber had to hold her back, much to the confusion of Hiccup.

“You can’t just let him get away with that!” Astrid seethed once the Viking Chief had managed to get away.  He hadn’t even spared you a glance, and you weren’t gonna lie, it had hurt.  “He knows how much you liked him!

“Astrid, it’s fine,” You said quietly.  But honestly, it wasn’t fine. It was the furthest thing away from fine.

“No, it’s not!”  

“Astrid,” Gobber placed a hand on the frazzled blonds shoulder. She looked up, and was about to yell at him when he gestured at you.  You were staring at the spot Hiccup had been standing with a vacant look in your eyes. Astrid looked back to Gobber and then you, before venturing over to you.

“Hey,” she pulled you out of your thoughts, placing a hand on your shoulder and smiling ever so slightly. “Since I can’t punch him, how about we go flying and you can shout your troubles to the wind, okay?”

You looked back at her, blinked, and then let your own smile cross your lips. “Okay.”


And so you spent the majority of your mornings flying with Astrid. Gobber would occasionally tag along, but he was so busy in the forge he rarely got time. When you were on the ground you did your best to avoid Hiccup, but there was just some things that you needed to see them about. The visits and talks were always brief, and you left before Hiccup could get in another word.

It had been a few weeks since that night, and you thought you would finally be over him. And then the morning sickness came, and it all went down hill from there.

You, knowing a little bit of magic, instantly knew that you were with child.

Panic over took you rather quickly, and you fell onto the bed, eyes wide as you stared at the wall. Millions of thoughts and scenarios ran through you mind, and as you struggled to sort through them with out hyperventilating, Astrid came in for her daily visit.

She rushed to your side instantly, and after demanding what was wrong you managed to tell her.

“…You’re pregnant?” she asked after a long moment of silence.

You nodded.

“A-and its Hiccup’s?”

You nodded again, and before Astrid could speak again you quickly spoke. “And this doesn’t mean you can hurt him.”

“But-I-“ Astrid struggled for words, and then finally she decided on, “Are you going to tell him?”

“…I don’t know.” You said quietly, looking down at your stomach. It was just as toned as it ever was, but you couldn’t help but gently run your hand over it.  

“Alright,” Astrid stood. “But we should at least tell Gobber and Valka.”

You had grown rather close to Hiccup’s mother these past few months, and you wanted Valka to know first.

You nodded and then stood, and you and Astrid went in search of the dragon trainer. She was with Gobber at the forge, and after checking to make sure Hiccup was nowhere in sight, you told the two. Valka was overjoyed, but there was a glimmer of disappointment towards her son (“He should be with you, helping you through this!”) But she still held a smile, as if she knew something that no one else did. Gobber was torn between so many emotions that you were surprised he hadn’t passed out. In the end he decide on sobbing and pulling you into a bone-crushing hug.

So you hid your little secret from the rest of Berk, and Hiccup. And when the baby bump started to show, you decided it was time to go back home.


Hiccup and Toothless touched down on the docks, and as soon as those black paws hit the wood Hiccup was off and running.  He would have reached you too if Astrid hadn’t planted her fist on his cheek.

“You-!” Astrid couldn’t think of any words to say to him. “How could you just-!”

Hiccup just stood still. He made no indication that he had been hit or that Astrid was yelling at him. He just stood there, his eyes locked with Astrid’s. When he did speak, it was the most pitiful sound you have ever heard him make.

“Astrid, please,” He spoke so quietly, and his eyes were so full of sorrow and regret that it silenced the furious blond. “I just need to talk to her.”

“I-“ Astrid looked back at you, and after a few moments of silence you went back down the plank, stopping in front of Hiccup.

“What do you want?”

“I’m sorry.” Well, that wasn’t what you had been expecting. “I should have been there for you, I should have told you, I-“  He stopped and then took a deep breath. “I-I like you, a lot. Hell, I might even love you.”

You eyes widened. “Y-you what?”  this was most defiantly not what you were expecting.  “No, there’s no way.  You left me; you avoided me, tossed me aside! How could you love me!?” You shouted, your eyes watering. This wasn’t right. This couldn’t be right.

“I didn’t!” Hiccup shouted back. “You were avoiding me! I tried to talk to you, but you always left before I could! I thought,” He suddenly got quite. “I thought you hated me.”

You stared at him for the longest time, before looking down, your hand drifting back to your stomach. “I could never hate you Hiccup.”

Now it was Hiccup’s turn to stare. And after a few moments he broke into a smile. “Then do you think that you could stay here?” He asked, placing his hand on top of yours. “With me?”

You looked back up. “Yes, I think I can do that.”

You two stared at each other, smiling like idiots.  And then Hiccup’s face morphed into one of pain and he slapped a hand to his bruised cheek. “Gods damn it Astrid! That hurt!”

“Well, you deserved it!” She grumbled, crossing her arms. But she did smile.  “Making our (Name) all depressed.”

Gobber was just smiling like there was no tomorrow.
Hiccup X Reader - Words I couldn't say
commission for :iconevaesis: 

I know I tweaked some of the details, and I hope you don't mind...I am also really sorry this took so long, but school has been in the way and I just haven't found any time!

But, break is coming up soon, so I should be able to get a lot more typing in, at least for a little while. 

oh my gods i hate this ending.

I don't own you, the preview image or how to train your dragon. 
“Will you marry me?”

“I-I’m sorry?” You blinked in confusion, tilting your head ever so slightly as you tried to figure out if the very attractive man gripping your shoulders was serious or not. He looked pretty serious, if his panicked expression was anything to go by. But then again, how many people would run up to you, who was wearing sweat pants, a  tee shirt and covered in flour, and ask you to marry them at a grocery store.

“Look, I just-“ The man broke off, his emerald eyes leaving yours to look over your shoulder.  “Shit.”

“Wha-“ You tried to look back, but the man, who had a very strong grip by the way, yanked you away from the flour isle and started to drag you through the store.  “What the hell?!”

“No time to explain!” He reached the exit in what had to be record time, and after a swift sprint across the parking lot, you were thrown into the back seat of a Chevy Impala (it was a very nice car, and, despite your situation, wanted to ask where he got it).

“Did you get her?” Another man was in the passenger seat, and he was looking at your, you supposed, now kidnapper with questioning eyes. Your kidnapper just glared, and then after noticing something in the review mirror, tore out of the parking lot. You were flung back, as you weren’t prepared for this nor wearing a seat belt, slamming your head rather painfully against the seats. You did manage to right yourself, and as you rubbed the back of your head a pair of blue eyes locked with yours. “Hello. My name is Castiel, and this is Dean. What’s your name?”

You blinked. Did he just really-

Yes. Yes he did.


“I’m really sorry about all this (Name).” Castiel continued. “It’s just that Dean is being chased down by a rather…persistent fairy, and the only way he can slow her down is for Dean to marry someone. This will be temporary, of course, as we just need to find the spell to send her back to her homeland. After that you’re free to do whatever you please.”

The only thing you could do was blink. You were still trying to work through the whole ‘kidnapping’ thing, and now the trench coat wearing man was talking about fairies. Your brain just simply couldn’t comprehend it.  

Finally, after a long and grueling silence, to which both males were now looking at you, you managed to choke out a single “What?”  

“You were supposed to break it to her slowly Cas!” Dean snapped. “Not all at once!”

Castiel just looked confused, as if he didn’t realize he did anything wrong. He probably didn’t, if Dean’s glare and his adorable (did you really just think that) head tilt was anything to go by.

“Just-hold on.” You pushed yourself up, and then dangled over the front seat so you were in between Dean and Castiel.  Since you were pretty sure they didn’t want to kidnap you or hurt you (they hadn’t done anything yet, and this Castiel just looked to innocent to hurt you), you figured you would be relatively safe. “Fairies? You kidnapped me because of fairies?”

This was the first time you managed to get a good look at Dean, and you couldn’t help but feel a little breathless. His dark blond hair was tussled and messy, yet still managed to look incredibly sexy at the same time. Freckles dusted his cheeks, and his eyes were even more striking up close.

“I did not kidnap you! I just…took you…against your…will…”

“Isn’t that kidnapping?” Castiel asked. Dean’s glare intensified and Castiel chose to look out the window.

“Alright, let me get this straight.” You turned towards Dean. “You’re being chased by a fairy, right?”



There was always some small part of you that believes in the supernatural. And now that you had some proof (you weren’t really sure if it was proof, as you were still trying to figure out if this Dean character was sane or completely insane), you were determined to hear him out.


“It’s mating time for fairies.” Castiel replied. “And they usually leave their homeland to mate. This particular fairy has her sights set on Dean, and the only way for them to back off is if their potential mate already has a mate. So that’s why he needs to marry you.”

“Okay.” You supposed you could believe that. It did make some sense. “But why me?”

Neither Dean nor Castiel had an answer. You waited for a few more moments, just in case they did answer, but they never did.

“So then, you just expect me to say yes?” You sighed.

“It doesn’t have to be for forever.”  Dean had slowed down considerably, but he was still going well over the speed limit. “But that would be nice if you did.”

You stayed there for a little while longer before falling back into the seat. You then leaned against the door, resting your head in your hand as you stared out the window. Getting married honesty didn’t seem like a bad idea to you. The only thing that was waiting for you back at home was your unfinished pie and job as a secretary. You had no friends, and the last relationship you were in had gone completely up in flames (as your last boyfriend had thought it would be okay to use you for sex while he had an actual relationship going on).  What little reputation you had to begin with had been completely destroyed, and no one even talked to you unless they absolutely had to.

You just wanted to completely start over, and this seemed like a god send opportunity (despite getting kidnapped because of fairies).

You were pulled out of your thoughts as the Impala came to a stop. It had rolled up a rather long drive way and had come to stop at a rather run down building.  “This is where you live?”

“It’s a lot better on the inside.” Dean replied, getting out of the car and opening your door. “Trust me.”

You decided not to commit on the whole ‘trusting a kidnapper’ thing (yes, you were thinking about saying yes, but you still weren’t 100%), instead following Dean into the building, with Castiel close behind.  

“Welcome to the bunker.” You really didn’t get a chance to marvel at it, because as soon as the words left Dean’s mouth a loud clatter was heard in the next room, followed by a ‘Shit!’ and then a harsh whisper that you couldn’t quite make out.

“Sammy?” Dean left you and Castiel behind as he ventured over to the next room. “You okay?”

“Dean!” Both you and Castiel peered around the corner. Another man was in the room, looking a little flustered as he sat in one of the swivel chairs you always liked to spin around in as a child.  You could tell he was really tall, and you suddenly had the desire to know just exactly how tall (you your self were rather short). “W-what are you doing back so early?”

“I’ve been gone for 2 hours.”

“Really?” ‘Sammy’ looked genuinely surprised at the news. “Doesn’t seem that long.”

Dean eyed him, and then shook his head. “Whatever.”

The two fell into silence, until ‘Sammy’ spoke again. “So, did you get her?”

“I did, actually.” Dean then turned back around. “Stop peering around the corner and get in here.”

You huffed, and then turned towards Castiel, only to find he wasn’t there.  You blinked and then looked back at Dean, who raised an eyebrow. You looked back at were Castiel should have been, before sighing and doing as Dean demanded.  

“Hey.” You waved to ‘Sammy’.

“Hey.” He repeated, and then stood to come closer to you. “I’m Sam.”

“(Name).” He was REALLY tall.

“I’m going to apologize for anything my brother had done to you.” Sam said, letting out a sigh. “He kinda sucks in that department.”

“So, your brother usually kidnaps girls buying flour?” You asked, tilting your head ever so slightly.

“Ye-“ Sam stopped, his eyes widening. He then rounded on Dean, the expression on his face something you could only call a bitchface. “You kidnaped her?”



“I was panicking Sam!” He shouted back, his own glare in place. “What was I supposed to do?!”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe ask first?”

“ I did!”

“Guys!” You decide to step in. You weren’t an expert on siblings (as you were an only child), but you could tell if this went on for much longer it would probably interrupt into a fistfight. “It’s fine! You don’t need to fight about it!”

“It’s fine?!” Both boys asked at the same time, although in different tones.

“Yeah.” You took a deep breath, and then turned towards Dean. “I’ll do it.”

“Y-you’ll do it?” Dean blinked, almost like he couldn’t quite believe it.

“Yes! Now hurry up and get the papers or what ever before I loose me nerve!”

You were doing this. You were actually doing this.  Why? Because that new life was right here in front of you, and you wanted it so bad that you just didn’t care at this point. And, some small part of you could tell how lonely these two brothers were, and that same small part wanted to take away some of that loneliness.  Because despite your shitty life and you selfishness to get a better life, that some small part of you wanted to help these two brothers.

“You can’t just sign some papers! That’s so boring!”

“Gah!” You jumped as a rather short male (well, at least compared to these two guys) showed up in the room, latching himself onto Sam’s shoulder.

“You have to have a wedding of grand stature and beauty!”  He then flung out his arms, grin in place.

“What the hell do you want Gabriel?” Dean narrowed his eyes, and Gabriel went back to Sam’s arm, now pouting.

“I just wanna help you and the lovely (Name) get married.”

“How do you know-“

“Angel mojo darling.” Gabriel replied, that grin back in place. “So, what do you say Dean-o?”  Before either you or Dean could get a word in Gabriel snapped his fingers.

You found your self in a beautiful white wedding dress and standing in a church with stained glass windows pure white walls. Polished pews lined the churches isle, which you were currently standing at the end of, with Sam at your side. He didn’t look in the least bit surprised. Instead he looked rather…amused?

“Sam, wha-“

Music starting playing, and you attention turned to the front of the church, where Gabriel was standing with a bible in hand and a rather pissed off Dean at his side.

“Just go with it.” Sam said, and then he started to lead you down the isle.

You were having a wedding. YOUR wedding. This was so, just-what?  You could barley focus on what was happening (you said the ‘I do’, of coarse), and when the famous ‘you may kiss the bride’ line was said, you snapped out of your daze.


“Well you’re gonna have to do it some time.” Gabriel reasoned. “So mine as well start now.”

You turned to Dean, who was looking anywhere but you and…blushing?

Gabriel raised an eyebrow, and before Dean could loose his nerve he swooped down and planted a quick kiss on your lips. You your self blinked, and then turned a bright shade of red.

“Aw, they’re so cute.” Gabriel cooed, snapping everything back and poofing out of sight just as Dean went to smack him.
Dean Winchester X Reader - Mating Season (part 1)
My friend requested a story where Dean asked her to marry her, and I thought, 'Hey, what the Hell?' So I'ma posting it, and we'll see what happens...there may also be some Sabriel thrown in, so be prepared for that. 

Part 1: :reading:
Part 2: coming soon!

I don't own you, Dean or Supernatural
It had all happened so fast, he wasn’t even sure it was real.

It had hit him all at once when he fired the arrow, lighting that wooden ship ablaze.  All he could do at that point was stand in the blistering cold weather, silent tears sliding down his cheeks as his dragon and wolf stayed close to his side, sharing his warmth in this dark and cold winter.

Afterword’s he went back to his home, curling up on his bed.

And there he stayed.


Astrid paced back and forth outside of Marcus’s door, rubbing her hands up and down her arms to keep warm.  Stormfly flapped her wings as Astrid passed her once more, dropping a mound full of snow next to her feet. She shot a glare at the dragon, who squawked in retort, before going back to her pacing.

Marcus had been in his house for the past 4 days since his parents death. He hadn’t come out, and he hadn’t let anyone in.  

“Any luck?”

Astrid was pulled out of her pacing once more by Hiccup, who was jogging over to her with Toothless at his heals.

“What do you think?” She grumbled, crossing her arms. Hiccup came to a stop next to her, and he looked sadly over at the house and then back to Astrid. He sighed, letting out a puff of frozen air as he too crossed his arms.

“What are we gonna do?” He asked quietly.

“…We could always bust the door down.” Astrid suggested, glancing at her ax that was strapped to Stormfly’s saddlebag.

Hiccup rolled his eyes. Although he was opposed to breaking and entering, at this point he was willing to try anything.  Marcus had been locked up for too long, and Hiccup was way passed the point of worrying.

Astrid, however, was a completely different story.

Although she would never admit it, she did have feelings for Marcus. And now that he wasn’t letting anyone in, not even his two best friends, well…that was a little more than Astrid could handle.

“Look, we’ll try again.” Hiccup placed a hand on Astrid’s shoulder. “And if that doesn’t work, then I give you full permission to ax the door.”

Now it was Astrid’s turn to roll her eyes.

“Thanks.” She grumbled, and then walked up towards the door.  She knocked a few times, and then called out “Marcus? You in there?”

She got no answer.

“For the love of,” Astrid groaned. “Marcus! If you don’t open this door right now I’m breaking in!”

Shuffling was herd, and after a few moments of silence Marcus opened the door.  He looked absolutely awful, and before he could get away Astrid pulled him into a hug. “You gonna let me help you now?”

Marcus blinked, tears pricking the corner of his eyes. He then nodded, returning Astrid’s hug. He never realized how much he needed this, and now that he had it, well…

“Come on.” Astrid pulled away, but still kept her arms wrapped around him. “Let’s go inside, okay?”

Astrid motioned for Hiccup to stay outside, but the chief could honestly care less. He was just too happy that Marcus was finally opening up.

Astrid sat Marcus back on the bed, and after making him a bowl of soup, sat with him. “Talk to me.”

And he did. He told her everything. Form his earliest memories of his parents to his last, and she listened to everything.  She let him cry on his shoulder, and when all was said and done she pulled him back into another hug.

“You’re gonna be okay.” She said quietly. “There gonna be okay.” She then smiled. “I’m sure they’re watching you from the halls of Valhalla right now.”

“Yeah…” Marcus said quietly.

The two sat in silence for a little while, and the Astrid pulled away, an air of business about her. “Now, you’re gonna finished that soup and then we’re gonna take a nice long flight around the island, okay?”

Marcus nodded, felling a small bit of happiness creeping back into him as Astrid smiled.
Astrid X OC - Comfort
Commision for :iconravuswolf: 

I'm sorry this is so short, and I'm sorry it's not my best work! I just had such a case of writers block for this, and I didn't want to put it off any longer because this was the first time in weeks i've actually had time to work on this! Ima so sorry!

I don't own Astrid, Marcus or How to train your Dragon
So...I'm either coming down with a stomach bug or I have Ebola...
..idk, it's just every time I stand I feel like I have to throw up, so I may or may not miss school tomorrow, which sucks since I've got anime club tomorrow...*sigh* 

On another note this guy I hang out with in Psychology got ahold of my phone number from one of my friends, and he said he would text me tonight, and now I'm just kinda waiting. I mean, I really want him to text me, and I don't understand why. I just-I don't get it...


...(some help would be nice)...

On another note, I read Blood of Olympus. 
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