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October 16, 2012
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You stared at the poster taped to the wall. You blinked and leaned forward, your hand's in your pockets.
"Prom next week." You read, standing up. You smirked, and turned around.
"No way I'm going." You said, leaning your head back. That's one of the good things about being a loner; people don't ask you to things like that. You felt a sharp stab of pain shoot up your arm.
"Damn." You mumbled, rubbing it. It was defiantly getting worse. You quickly rolled up your sleeve, and winced. The bruises had gotten darker, and that lump was bigger. You put your sleeve back down and looked towards the oak door that led to the nurse's office.
"Maybe i should…" You shook your head.  You didn't need the nurse to know you where abused. You started walking towards your English class, excuses running thru your head.
"I need to walk the dog? No." you looked down at the tile floor steadily moving beneath your feet.
"What's a good excuse?" you mumbled stopping at the door. You clasped you hand together and smiled.
"Dad was sick and he needed a few thing's before I went to school." You said, opening the door. You where questioned by the teacher, and after repeating your excuse, where lectured on the importance of being on time.
"Ya ya." You said walking to the back of room, taking a window seat. Your teacher puffed out her cheeks and went back to writing on the board. You took out a notebook and pencil, and putting your feet up on the desk, began taking notes. You may be a punk but you sure as hell weren't going to fail school. You glanced up at the board, and noticed a pair of blue eye's trained on you. You ignored it, and went back to writing. If people wanted to stare at you, so be it. About 20 minuets later you heard the sharp ding of the bell, and gathering your stuff quickly walked out of the room.
"(Name), wait." You stopped and turned on your heel.
"What?" You spat. The teacher called you over, and quietly asked you to try not to be late again. You agreed, and ran out of the class. You felt a hand clamp on to your wrist, and at the speed you were going, you did a face plant, with your arm sticking up. You ripped out of the persons hand and rolled over, you other arm still holding your books. You glared at him and quickly sat up.
"What the fuck do you want?" You asked, standing up. Francis smirked, and went into some stupid speech about how you should go to prom with him and other stuff.  Second's in you punched him in the face, causing him to fall over.
"You're wasting my time." You mumbled, rubbing the wrist Francis had grabbed. It was your free hour, so you quickly ran to the library, the occasional stab of pain running along your back. You found an empty table at the back, and you sat down, laying down your sketch book, and opening it to a random page, started to sketch. A couple minutes later you held it up, and smiled. It was just the outline of you and your mother, and a few minor details, but it looked ok. You set it back down, and stopped your pencil before it hit the paper. You hadn't realized it yet, but you where drawing a family picture that you had found, one with your dad. You shook your head and started to sketch again, deciding to leave your father out.
"He doesn't deserve to be in it." You mumbled, starting on your mother's hand, which was holding yours.
"That's really good." You jumped, and slammed the sketchbook shut. You looked up, and glared. A certain blued eyed hyper American was standing on the other side of the table, grinning.
"Don't do that." You said, slowly opening the sketchbook again. Normally you would have punched the guy, but you had a soft spot for Alfred, you didn't know why, and quite frankly, in annoyed you.
"What cha drawing?" Alfred asked, tilting his head to see the picture better. You covered it up.
"None of your business." You spat, slightly moving your arm so you could draw.  You felt a hand clamp onto your arm, and it was quickly jerked up.
"Hey!" You shouted, dropping your pencil. Alfred walked around the table, still holding your arm.  You moved your other arm over the picture, but Alfred grabbed that one too.  He stood behind you, his eyes glued to the paper.
"Who's that?" He asked, letting go of your arms. You slammed the book shut.
"Nobody." You said, standing up, hastily grabbing the book off of the table.
"Alfie!"  Alfred stiffened, and slowly turned his head.
"Uh…"  You looked at him, and then to Mackenzie, who was running across the library.
"I was wondering where you ran off to." She said, attaching herself to Alfred. You snickered.
"Looks like you got you self a leech Alfred." You said, leaning on the bookshelf. Mackenzie glared at you.
"Who's to talk?" She hissed. "You could never have one; always wearing long-lived shirt's and sweat shirts." You narrowed your eyes and set your book's down on the table.
"Are you saying I can't get guys because I don't wear what you wear?" you asked, taking a step towards her.
"That's exactly what I'm saying." She said, smirking. Alfred looked flustered, looking at you then her. You raised you fist, then put it back down. You grabbed your books and walked away; ignoring the insults that Mackenzie was throwing at you.  You walked out the library, and were stopped by Francis.
"So, you never gave me an answer."  He said, leaning up against the wall.
"NO!" you shouted, taking off at a run, leaving Francis with a dazed look. You reached the U.S. History room in a minute, and slowly opened the door.
"Hey Mr. Stempien." You said, taking a seat at the back off the room.
"Sup?" he replied, handing a piece of pizza to you.
"Thanks." you said, taking a huge bite. Mr. Stempien was your favorite teacher, not just because he gave you pizza, but that was a huge factor, but because he made class fun.  You heard the creak of the door, and book's being slammed down on the desk next to yours.
"Got any pizza left?" Alfred asked, sliding into his seat. Mr. Stempien handed him the box, just as the door opened again.
"Hey Alfred."  You groaned. 'Why me?' you though, finishing the last bit of your pizza. Mackenzie glared at you, and took a seat next to Alfred. Mr. Stempien looked at all 3 of you, and grabbed a piece of pizza out of the box, with Alfred glaring at him.
"I really don't think this is going to work." He said. He pointed to Mackenzie then you.
"Mortal enemies and the guy there fighting over, yup not going to work." You felt your face heat up.
"WHAT?!" you and Alfred shouted at the same time, earning a glance from Mackenzie. Mr. Stempien smiled, and walked to the front of the room, right as the bell rang and the rest of the student's filed in. You winced as a sharp stab of pain ran up your arm. You gently rubbed it, gritting your teeth as the pain increased. Black dot's started swimming across your gaze. 'Not now!' you thought, the class room fading. You took a sharp intake of breath, and herd a soft thump before everything went black.

"It's over 9,000!" You shot up, hitting your head on a metal table. "Ow…"
"You're up!" You glanced in the direction from where the voice was coming, and was surprised to see Alfred sitting in the chair.
"Where am I?" You asked, rubbing your head.
"The nurse's office. You passed out in class." Alfred replied, standing up and making quick strides over to you. You stiffened.
"S-she didn't do anything, did she?" You asked, pulling the blanked closer to you. Alfred shook his head and handed you a glass of water on the table. You took it, and took small sips.
"You really scared me." He said, taking the glass from you and setting it back on the table.
"Sorry." You mumbled, pulling on a loose string on the blanket. Alfred smiled and sat on the edge of the bed.
"Don't be." He said, pulling a loose strand of hair out of your face. You looked up at Alfred, his expression full of concern, and something else.
"Alfred…" You jumped as the door slammed open, and Alfred quickly pulled away from you.
"Alfred!" Mackenzie waltzed into the room, shooting you a look of pure hatred.
"Mackenzie, w-what are you doing here?" Alfred asked, his eyes filled with shock.
"Oh noting really." She said, flipping her hair. "Just came to see what you guys are up to." She sat in Alfred's lap, smiling. You leaned up against the wall. Alfred looked at you, his face saying help me!
"Push her off." You mouthed, making the movement with your hands. Alfred shrugs and did so. Mackenzie landed with a satisfying thump. You smiled and gave Alfred thumbs up.
"What was that for?" Mackenzie whined, slowly getting up.
"Hand's slipped." Alfred replied, winking at you. Mackenzie growled, and stomped to the door.
"Whatever." She mumbled, slamming the door shut. You giggled, and put your hands over your mouth.
"Nice one!" you said, giggling again. Alfred smiled, and did a fake little bow.
"The hero always answers his damsel's requests."  He said, grabbing your hand. You felt your face heat up a little, but you ignored it. Alfred helped you up, pulling you close to him. Now you started to worry. You could tell your face was tomato red. Alfred smiled.
"Want me to walk you home?" He asked. You shook your head, and preyed yourself out of his grip.
"No, i-im fine." You said, hastily making your way tword's the door.
"Ok." Alfred mumbled, slightly flinching as you slammed the door.  He slowly made his way tword's the door, careful not to slam it. He just barley caught a glimpse of you as you dissipared out the school door.
so, here's part 1. And the over 9,000 thing, me and sis where just talking about that, so id figure id throw that in there.

Hetalia belong's to :iconhimaruyaplz:

Preview image belong's to it's rightfull owner

You belong to :iconsexyamerica3plz:

Prologue: [link]
Part 1: :la:
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link] end
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