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October 28, 2012
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You didn't waste any time as you ran home.  You where already late, and being much later would result in a much harder beating.  You whipped around corners, your (h/c) hair flying out behind you. You reached the front door in 5 minutes flat. You slowly opened it, quietly calling out.
"Hurry up and go to your room, I've got someone over!" You heard the voice of your father ringing out.
"Y-Yes sir!" you replied. You ran past the living room, catching a glimpse of your father sitting on the couch, with a woman.  You growled, but didn't stop long enough for your father to notice.  You skipped every other step, out of habit. You quickly reached your room, and quietly opened the door, belly flopping onto the bed. You sighed as you sank into the feather mattress, running your hands up and down it. Your room was the only thing in this house that didn't look like shit and you where proud of that. You rolled over, staring at the white ceiling, watching a spider crawl along.
"Are you going to Scarborough fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
He once was a true love of mine." You stopped, and blinked.
"Why am I singing mom's lullaby?" you mumbled, rolling over on your side. You yelped, and rolled back over, gritting your teeth as you rubbed your arm. Waves of pain ran up your arm, increasing each time. You bit your lip, tears pricking the coroner of your eyes. The pain slowly passed until it was reduced to a dull throb.  You slowly sat up, keeping your arm close to you. Your vision blurred, and you swayed, but it quickly passed. You stood up, and quietly made your way over the mirror. You hadn't looked in a mirror for so long that you where shocked at the person you saw staring back. You gingerly ran your fingers along the mirror, passing over your reflection.  
"t-that's me?" You whispered, jumping as a loud bang rang out.
"Are you in bed yet?" You father shouted, banging on the door again. You quickly rummaged thru your draw and pulled out a pair of (f/c) sweat pants.
"Almost!' you replied, quickly putting them on. You father growled, and stalked down the stairs. You catapulted onto your bed, turned off the lamp, quickly and quietly falling asleep.

You awoke to the sharp beeping of your alarm clock. You shut it off, groaning. You ran your hands over your face, recalling yesterday's events. You felt your face heat up, and you quickly shook your head.
"I don't need him." You mumbled, standing up. "I don't even like him!" You rummaged thru your closet, grumbling about Alfred. You thru on a (favorite band) tee shirt, black sweatshirt, skinny jeans and sneakers.  You grabbed your bag and sprinted down the stairs.
"Where you going?" you stopped and slowly turned your head, gulping as your father slowly made his way over to you. You closed your eyes and felt a sharp slap on your cheek.
"That's for yesterday." He said, and pushed you out the door. You stumbled down the steps, and regained your balance as you heard the sharp click of the door ring out. You turned your head, and sighed seeing that your father was inside. You put your hand up to you cheek and flinched as it made contact. You brought your hand back down, thru your hood up, trying your best to hide the all ready forming bruise. You walked 10 feet when someone slammed into you, making you stumble.
"What the…" you trailed off, and Alfred grinned at you.
"Sorry, I didn't think I was going that fast." He said, rubbing the back of his head.
"Its ok." you replied, cracking a smile. 'NO IT'S NOT!' you mentally screamed at yourself.
"That's good." He said, pushing his glasses back into place. You let your smile fade, and you turned back around, pulling on your hood.
"We should probably get going." You said, setting off at a brisk walk.
"Hey wait!" Alfred shouted, running after you. He quickly caught up, and matched your speed. You gulped, and instead of speeding up, you found yourself keeping a steady pace with him. 'What's wrong with me?' You thought, looking down.
"Is something wrong?" you glanced at Alfred, and shook your head.
"No, nothing's wrong, just-just lost in thought." You replied, brushing a stray strand of hair out of your face. Alfred shrugged, and opened the door. You quietly thanked him, and turned the corner; heading tword's the gym. You could have waited for Alfred, seeing as how you have the same class, but you needed a little time to think. You walked into the girl's locker room, checking to make sure that nobody was there. You quickly changed, and shoved your clothes into your locker before heading out to the gym. You sat down on the bleachers, surveying the empty gym.
"I saw." You turned your head, your eye's widening.
"I know about your little problem." She quick pulled up your sleeve, a faint smile coming to her lips. "You better stay away from Alfred, or I might just accidently slip."

The rest of the day was a blur. You couldn't focus, and every time Alfred came near you, you ran.  The rest of the week went by like this, and Mackenzie enjoyed every minute of it. It disgusted you that she would stoop so low, but you couldn't risk anybody finding out.

"(Name)!" You speed up, but were pulled back, slamming against Alfred.
"Let me go!" you shouted, using all your strength trying to get out of his grip.
"Not until you tell me what's wrong." You stopped struggling. His voice was serious, almost commanding.
"You've been avoiding me for a week (name)." He stopped and turned you around, so you were facing him. "Tell me what's wrong." You hung your head, and felt a small smile tug at your lips.
"Believe me, I would if I could." You tore out of his grip, ignoring his shouts.  You where oblivious to your surround's, you just didn't care where you went, just as long as you were away from Alfred. You stopped, taking short breathes. You were in front of a grave yard. You pushed open the gates, a shrill squeak echoing. You ran your hand along the tombstones, taking time to read each one. You found one that was fairly new, and you knelt down to take a better look.
"Dakota." You mumbled.  He didn't have a last name, only the dates. 2003-2012. 'an orphan.'  Tears welled up in your eyes, and they soon ran down your cheeks.
"You died so young…" your trailed off, and sat in silence; your eye's never leaving the tomb.  A soft thump rang out. Your eyes darted to the side, and you were shocked to see Alfred sitting next to you.
"He was an orphan you know." You mumbled. Alfred nodded, smiling sadly.
"Nobody derives to die like that." He replied, reaching over to pick a small daisy and placed it in front of the tomb running his hand along it.
"You really wanna know what's wrong?" you whispered. Alfred looked at you, and nodded. You faintly smiled, and rolled up your sleeve.
"My mom died when I was 5." You cut him off, pulling you sleeve back down. "My father started drinking, and when he was drunk, he had fits, and he usually took them out on me." You looked back at the tomb and started up again.
"I was, well terrified, and I did the only thing that seemed logical to me, so I shut myself out. It was like that for 4 years, and then I finally made a friend.
"I was so happy, that I went to tell my father, and I brought her along. When I told him, he got angry, and he hit me in front of her. She ran, and told her parent's. They called the cops, but he got out of it." You stopped, not able to finish.
"You've been dealing with this since you were 5?" he asked. You nodded.
"Is that why you've been avoiding me?"
"No, Mackenzie found out."
"Oh." You sat in silence, the wind occasionally blowing.
"You should tell somebody." Alfred mumbled. You shook your head.
"I can't."  You replied. Alfred looked at you his eyes full of concern.
"You can't tell anybody either." Alfred nodded.
"I won't, at least not yet." He whispered the last part. You stood up.
"I've got to go." You said, walking around the tombstone. Alfred remand silent, the wind gently blowing. You found your way out of the cemetery, and paused outside of the gates.  You didn't want to leave, not without Alfred. You waited for a while, before he joined you. You two walked in a silence, settling on an unspoken deal. Alfred stopped in front of your house.
"I'll tell Mackenzie to quit whatever she's doing." He said. You nodded. Alfred started to walk away when you called out to him.
"Alfred wait!" he stopped and turned his head.
"Thank you." You mumbled. He smiled.
"You're welcome." he started walking again, as did you. Your confidence wavering as you walked up the steps. You opened the door and gasped as your father pulled you inside.
"You're in a lot of trouble." He growled, throwing on the floor. You grunted when you made contact. Your father then pinned your arms above your head.
"Who is he?" he spat. You closed your eyes and clamped your mouth shut.
"Who is he!?"
"I- I don't know what you're talking about!" you replied, yelping as your father slammed you against the wall.
"You know damn well who I'm talking about." He said, leaning up against you.
"That boy who walked you home, that boy you've been hanging out with, Alfred."
FINALLY! :iocnfinallyplz: im sorry this took so long, but it's hard only being able to get on 1 day a week. the song is Scarborough Fair, and this version is sung by the celtic women.

Scarborough Fair belong's to Celtic Women:[link]
Preview image belong's to it's rightfull owner
You belong to :iconsexyamerica3plz:
Hetalia belong's to :iocnhimaruyaplz:

Prologue: [link]
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: :la:
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link] end
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