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November 9, 2012
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'H-How did he find out!?' You started struggling, but your father held you firmly against the wall.
"Who is he?"  Your father was so close you could smell the beer on his breath.  You closed you eye's, a few tears escaping from your eyes.
"You know his name, isn't that enough?" you asked.
"What is he to you?" You froze, and slowly opened your eyes.  Your father's face was inches away from yours.
"I-I don't really know."  Your father flung you against another wall, increasing the presser on your wrists.
"Don't give me that shit." He growled.  You snapped your wrist forward, hitting your father in the face. You then twisted it out of his grip, giving a better amid hit to his face. You wrenched your other wrist free and delivered a swift kick to his shin.  He fell over, groaning.  You watched him for a second, and then took off out the door. It was raining, and you where shocked when the icy water hit your back.  You didn't think about it too long, and you took off again, letting your feet guide you on a familiar path.  The rain soon soaked thru you sweatshirt, and you tore it off, letting it land with a dull splash in a puddle. You quickly reached the park, and ran to the edge of it, plunking yourself down on the bench you and your mother sat on so many times before. The soft patter of the rain on the leaves kept you from drifting off and it helped soothed the pain.  You watched the events of the past hour run thru your head, each time more vivid than the last. Unable to bare it anymore, you cussed yourself out.
"Why am I so damn stupid!" you shouted, punching a nearby tree, shock waves running up your arm. You quickly pulled it back, and cradled it, the pain slowly easing. You looked down at your arm, your eyes widening. The busies seemed darker in the rain, and a few cut's had started to bleed. You gulped, and hung your head, your arm limply hanging by your side.
"(Name)?" You head shot up.
"A-Alfred." You stuttered, putting your arm's behind your back. But Alfred had already seen them. You looked away, tears pricking your eyes. You felt something drop on your shoulders. You looked back at Alfred, your eyes wide.
"Alfred." It was barley a whisper, but he heard it.
"Keep it." He mumbled, shivering as the wind blew. You thrust the jacked back at him, but he pushed it away.
"You need it more than I do." He said, before he took off running.
"Alfred, wait!" you shouted, but it was useless. He was already gone.

You walked into the school, wearily looking around. There was no sign of Mackenzie, or Alfred for that matter. You gripped the coat tighter, and held it up to your chest. God it smelled so good.
"(Name)!" The shrill tone of Mackenzie's voice rang out. You turned around.
"Sup?"  You asked, gently tugging Alfred's coat on. If he wasn't here you mine as well make use of it.  Mackenzie narrowed her eyes, and walked up to you.
"Why are you wearing his coat?"
"He gave it to me." You answered, wanting to end this conservation quickly. You went to walk away but Mackenzie grabbed your arm, pulling you back. You yelped, tensing up at the pain. Mackenzie tightened her grip, grinning as you started to shake. You could easily slip out of the coat, seeing as how it was big on you, but you didn't want to leave it with her. Your wrist started to slip out of her hand, and you wrenched it free.  Mackenzie looked startled, and you took off before she came back to her senses.  Various teachers's yelled at you for running in the halls and one even went to stop you, but you took off before they could even hold out there hand.
"Alfred, where are you?" He hadn't walked with you to school, and he wasn't with Mackenzie. You knew that he wouldn't go to gym without you. You racked your brain for places he could be, and decided to check out Mr. Stempine's room.  You ran down the rest of the hallway, and stopped outside his room. You glance in, and relief flooded thru you as you saw him talking to Mr. Stempine. You slowly open the door, and walked in; smiling as the two boys's looked at you.
"w- What are you doing here?" Alfred asked, glaring at Mr. Stempine as he smirked.
"Looking for you actually." You said, slipping off his coat.
"What are you doing here?" You asked, handing him his coat.
"I needed to ask him some things." Alfred replied, putting the coat back on.
"I'll leave you two to talk things out." Mr. Stempine smiled and walked out the door. Alfred looked down at the floor. You could tell he was debating whether to tell you something or keep it to himself. He looked up at you.
"Let me see your arm." You instantly drew it back, and Alfred grabbed it and gently rolled up the sleeve. He stiffened, and you tore it out of his grip.
"Did he find out?" You nodded, and looked at the ground, to ashamed to look at him.
"(Name), I'm sorry." Alfred said, pulling you into a hug. You didn't flinch, but gently wrapped your arms around his waist, burring your head in his chest.
"It's ok." you mumbled. "He would have found out sooner or later." You looked up, a sad smile on your face. Alfred leaned down, and placed a gentle kiss on your lips. Your face turned a bright shade of red, but none the less, you pulled him back in for a more passionate kiss. Alfred was shocked, but quickly returned it. You pulled apart, and Alfred smiled.
"I love you (name), I always have, ever since I first saw you." He whispered, wrapping his arms around your waist.
"I love you too." You replied. You jumped as the bell rang. Alfred smiled and grabbed your hand.
"Shall we?" he asked. You nodded and Alfred led you tword's the door.
"Alfie!" Mackenzie stopped, and looked at the two of you. She ran up to you and pried your hand out Alfred's and grabbed his arm.  Alfred shook her off, and grabbed your hand again, pulling you close to him.
"I don't like being shoved away from my girlfriend Mackenzie." Alfred growled, glaring at her.
"G-Girlf-friend?" Mackenzie stammered her brown eyes widening. Alfred started walking away, snaking his arm around your waist.
"She's not going to let that go." You mumbled.
"I know, but I've wanted to do that for so long." He replied, grinning. You shook your head and smiled.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly, and Alfred managed to sneak a few kisses in as well.  Mackenzie was still shocked, and she refused to look at either of you. You didn't mind in the slightest, and by the time the end of the day came, almost everybody knew that you and Alfred where dating.
"You want me to walk you home?" Alfred asked, stopping outside the doors.  You looked at him, his blue eyes shining with worry. You shook your head.
"It would be better if you don't." you mumbled, giving him a quick kiss on his cheek. "I'll be fine." You took off down the street, casting Alfred one last glance before breaking out into a all out sprint. You slowed down half way to your house, wondering if your dad was done with the punishment for yesterday.
"Probably not." You mumbled, praying that Alfred wouldn't follow you home. You didn't want him to get caught up in this. You slowly walked the rest of the way home, stopping occasionally. All too soon you reached the door, and you walked in, blinking as a dull thunk sounded out behind you. You turned around, startled to find a knife embedded in the wall. Then another one went whizzing by your head. You turned around, your (e/c) eyes widening.
"I told you to stay away from him!" Your father threw another knife and you had to duck to avoid it.
"W-What are y-AH!" You jumped to the side, the knife grazing your side.  'Why do we have so many damn knives?!?' Your father picked up another one, a carving knife, and threw that one too. This time it scratched your hand, beads of blood trailing down your hand. Your father walked tword's you, a 'Norman Bates' knife in his hand.  Sweat ran down your face, and your heart beat quickened. 'He's going to kill me!'  You ran into the living room, throwing thing's on the floor, hoping to slow him down.
"You little shit!" he shouted, kicking pillow out of his way. You ran tword's the stairs. You made it half way up before your father pulled you down. You shrieked, and your father put the knife up to your throat.  
"I've had just about enough of you." He spat, pushing it harder against your throat. You gasped, warm blood flowing down your neck.  Your father grinned, and before you could do anything, he flipped you over and embedded the knife in your back. Pain exploded, and you where gasping for air. Your father kicked you, and you screamed, spots swimming in your eyes.  
"Go on, run!" Your father laughed, and walked back to the kitchen. You thought of Alfred, and you found enough strength for climb the stairs. You staggered into your bedroom, and collapsed onto the bed, shaking. In a manor on minutes, the covers where stained red and you started to loose consciousness.  Some where you herd sirens, and the front door opening. 'I hope that bastard dies.' You smiled, and closed your eyes.
Raise your hand if you thought that Alfred was going to save you :iconimhappyplz:

Im soooo sorry this took so long. The next chapter is probable going to take longer than this one because im going to enter a reader insert into a constst, but i will try not to take so long! these alway's end with you getting beat up by daddy...
I apoligze if your dont know who Norman Bates ism i just couldent find another way to discribe the knife.

Prologue: [link]
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: :la:
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link] end

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Preview image belong's to it's rightfull owner
You belong to :iconsexyamerica3plz:
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