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“Dad, I’m going after her.”

After you disappeared, Hiccup ran to his father. He got yelled at pretty bad, but after that Stoick had sent at least 10 men out to look for you. But then the storm had hit, and they had to come back.

“Son, it’s dangerous.” Stoick said. Everyone on Berk was currently huddled in the Great Hall, waiting out the storm.

“But this is my fault!” Hiccup shouted, drawing the attention of almost everyone in the hall. He then hung his head, and Toothless immediately came up to him.  “Dad…I need to find her.”

“I know you do.” Stoick sighed. “But it’s not safe for you out there, and I’m sure (Name) would have found shelter by now.”

Hiccup knew you found shelter, but they still didn’t change anything. He needed to find you, and he needed to find you now.

“…Come on Toothless.” The Night Fury perked up, and as soon as Hiccup got in the saddle, he bounded through the Great Hall and out the doors.


“Can you pick up her sent bud?” Hiccup asked, looking back as Stoick and Gobber burst out into the rain. Toothless wasted no time in finding you sent, and as Stoick was about to grab Hiccup, Toothless took off.

“HICCUP!” Stoick shouted again, looking back at Gobber as the man placed a hand on his shoulder.  

“Just let him go Stoick.” Gobber said. Stoick growled, but went back to the Great Hall with Gobber anyway.


Both Hiccup and Toothless were squinting as they flew through the rain, and they’ve had so many close encounters with lightning already that Hiccup was surprised they were still in the air.

The rain felt like tiny daggers constantly hitting him, and he couldn’t see anything in the rain. Toothless was started to have trouble flying as the wind started to pick up, and Hiccup struggled to get them out of the stronger gusts.

“You’re doing good bud.” Hiccup said, flattening himself against the black dragon. Toothless nodded, and then put on a burst of speed.  

Hiccup had his eyes almost completely closed as the rain pelted him, and his eyes widened fully as Toothless let out a shriek.  He looked back, eyes widening further at seeing the red tail fin gone.

“No! No no no no!” Toothless let out an earsplitting roar as they started to fall, and Hiccup tried, in vain, to pulling the dragon back up.

They landed in a giant mud pit, skidding until they reached the end. Hiccup was the first to surface, covered completely with a thick coating of mud. “Toothless!?”

The black, now brown, dragon popped up. He stared at Hiccup, and then shook himself off, coating the Viking in another layer of mud. He then walked over to his rider and, with a squelch, pulled him out.

“…Thanks.” Hiccup grumbled, wiping the mud from his face. Toothless hummed, and then took off running through the forest. The mud was starting to wash off Hiccup as Toothless zig-zagged through the trees, but it was being stubborn and refusing to come off fully.

Toothless then came to a halt in the front of a cave, and Hiccup could just barley make out the faint glow of a fire. “…(Name)?”

You froze when you heard the faint call of your name. It was just your imagination, right? But your name was called again and the outline of a dragon and rider appeared in the entrance to the cave.

“What the-Hiccup?!”


Hiccup looked awful. He was coated in head to toe with mud, and what little skin and fabric you could see it was torn and bleeding. Toothless himself didn’t look much better, but at least he wasn’t coated with mud.

“What happened to you?” You asked, moving away from the warm fire to the two boys.

“Eh, just took a fall from 20 feet in the air.” Hiccup then winced and clutched his side. “…And here comes the pain.”

You helped Hiccup to a spot on the floor next to the fire. Toothless curled around him while you took off your mantle, and after soaking it in the rain, started to wash the mud off the Viking.  You had to rinse it out 6 times before you got all the mud off, and after rinsing it out one last time you started to tear it into strips and lay them by the fire.

“What are you doing?” Hiccup asked.

You ignored the question. “Take off your shirt.”


You glared. “Just take it off.”

Hiccup did as you commanded, and when it was off you started to wrap the now dry strips around his arms and chest. When that was done you took off your newly made vest and started the dry Hiccup’s hair with it.


“I already have one sick dragon to take care of.” You grumbled. “I don’t need a sick person.”

Hiccup then shut up and let you go about your business. When you were done you gave him one last look over before going back over to Aurora, who had fallen asleep. You sighed, and then started to stroke her muzzle.

The only sound that was heard in the cave was the crackling of Terror’s fire and Aurora’s deep breathing.  It stayed like that for a while until Hiccup asked the question you had been dreading for a while now.

“…Why do you hate me so much?”  

“I-“ You stopped. You really didn’t know why you hated him. In fact, you weren’t even sure if you did hate him.  “I-I don’t really hate you…”

“Then why?” Hiccup asked. You didn’t need any further explanation.

“It’s just…” You paused, trying to find the right words. “I-I grew up learning that Vikings were something I should never associate myself with. I was taught that you were ruthless and had no concept of mercy. But when I met you guys, everything was thrown out the window. I-I didn’t know how to act, and with the pressure of moving to a new place and being expected to marry someone I didn’t know, I was bound to act like that…”

Silence fell between you two once again, and you turned your eyes to the ground.

“…Well then why don’t we start over?”


“We’ll start over.” Hiccup smiled. “I’ll forget everything I knew about you, and you’ll forget everything you know about Viking’s and me. I can’t promise you I’ll like you, but I want to at least try to be friends.”

You looked at Hiccup, mouth open slightly before you bit your lip. You did want to be friends. This guy had so many things in common with you, but you didn’t know if you could forget everything.

It was hard to forget a lifetime of teachings…

“…Okay.” You said quietly. “We can start over.”

Hiccup grinned. “Well, then, I’m Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third, son of the chief of the Hairy Hooligan tribe. And who might you be?”

You mouth opened again, and you couldn’t help but grin back. “I’m (Full Name) daughter of the King of England.”

“Oh, so you’re a princess then?” Hiccup asked.

“Sadly.” You said, drawing a chuckle from the boy. “Oh, and that’s my Changewing, Aurora.” Terror then jumped into your arms, as if demanding to not be forgotten. “And this is my Terrible Terror, Terror.”

“You named a Terrible Terror Terror?” Hiccup cocked his head a lot like Toothless did.

“Well look at him!” You exclaimed, thrusting Terror in his face. “He’s a Terror!”

Hiccup laughed at this. “Well then…this is my Night Fury, Toothless.”

“You tamed a Night Fury?” You asked, getting a nod from Hiccup. You had already heard the story of how little Hiccup tamed the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself, defeated the Green Death and brought peace between Vikings and dragons.

“And why Toothless?” You had never gotten an answer to this question, and you where a little curious. As far as you knew he had teeth.

“Retractable teeth.” Was Hiccup’s only answer.

You couldn’t help it anymore. You burst out laughing, and Hiccup joined shortly after.  You weren't sure why you found it so funny, but it did feel good to laugh and be happy after feeling anger for a whole week.

You didn’t know how long you were laughing for, but when you stopped you were completely out of breath.

Hiccup was, once again, the first to recover. “Friends?”

“I still don’t know if I like you.” You said, but smiled any way. “But yes, friends.”
Hey, look at that! 2 chapters in one day!

So, you have now made peace with Hiccup, although your not quite sure if you like each other friends. You are however still stuck in the cave, and now you defiantly don't have a way to get back. So, with 3 injured beings in your care, will you be able to get back to Berk, or will you have to wait for someone else to come and get you? Stay tuned to find out!

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Actually, In the books it WAS referred to as the Green Death. 
So, technically it's not a mistake.
And it's what i'm more used to. I've only heard them referred to as the Red Death once, so I just go to the Green Death most of the time. 
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