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November 13, 2012
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"Why don't you just fall over?" You glared at the smirking albino above you.
"If I did I'd land on you." He replied.  You felt your face heat up.
"(Name), are you even listing to me?" you craned you head back, and smiled at your sister.
"No?" Your sister glared at you.
"That's because she's too busy looking at the awesome me." Gilbert chimed flinching as you snapped your head back up.
"Left hand green." Kelsey said, shaking her head. You slid you hand over, and looked back up, meeting with a pair of red eyes.
"Really!?!" you shouted.
"Really." Gilbert replied. Kelsey looked at you, then Gilbert and put her hands together.
"You two would make such a cute couple." She said, smiling. You and Gilbert both blushed, you more so than Gilbert.
"Anyway." Kelsey spun the dial again. "Left hand blue." You stretched out your arm, and place your finger tips on the blue circle.
"Now I remember why I hate twister." You mumbled, swaying a little. You caught yourself, and looked up at Gilbert.
"Hey." Gilbert grinned.
"Winner gets to go on a date with the looser." He said.
"Gilbert! What is wrong with you?!" 'Not that I wouldn't mind' you thought.
"What are you two doing?!" All three of you looked at the stairs, where you father was standing.
"It was there idea!" Kelsey shouted, pointing at you and Gilbert.
"What?" You and Gilbert said at the same time, looking at each other. You finally fell over, and Gilbert grinned.
"I don't care whose idea it was." You father said. "That just looked plan wrong."
"Well, pappy." You said, sitting up. "That's how you play twister."
"It is Mr. (last name)." Gilbert sang, sitting next to you. You father shook his head.
"Whatever I was going to do...Well forget it." He mumbled, slowly making his way up the stairs.
"So, how about' that date?" Gilbert asked, once you father was safely up stairs.  You looked at him, and smiled.
So, dis is my entry to :iconkitty0233: contist. I know it insnt not veary long, but this dosnet seem like it should be...
[link] this is what your what sounded like

I dont own twister, Hetalia, Dispicable me, or you.
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I like how the nickname my friends gave is the sisters name. Needless to say… I was kinda confused… •_•
GhostRain1412 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ah, sorry...?
ckeretbirdy Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
no no. No need to apologise. It just made it funnier! :D :D :D :D  
kjxyz1234-gmail Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
Me: Yea i get to go out of a date with Gilbert!!

Little sis: U kno he's not real though rite

Me:*goes off into a depressed corner* way to burst my bubble
momokurosaki Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
Me: *hugs you* shhhh Gilbert is real *looks at your sister evilly* right •3•
NekodaTheHedgehog86 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013
So this is a bit weird, according to the story my little sister's name is Kelsey while my name is Kelsie............
Our parents got lazy with name picking lol
Btw cool story  
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