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May 7, 2013
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19 years ago, a powerful family of vampires moved to a small village just outside of London, quickly calming power over the villagers. They never asked for anything, but always gave.  The villagers never question there motivates, for fear that they would take everything away.  But then, Camellia, the head vampire, asked for each girl the age of 18 to not leave there house, so that her son could visit them and choose a bride. The villager’s happily agreed, knowing that if their daughter was chosen, it would lead them to a good life.  Now, 18 years later, it’s Arthur’s turn to choose, the second youngest.

“Oh goddess, or god, of time, please please make me one year younger.” You opened one of your eyes, sighing when you felt no change. ‘OK, so now I’m stuck here, just waiting for my impending doom, wonderful.’ You thought, jumping onto the hard bed, cringing.  Today was doom’s day. OK not really, but to you it was. Today was Arthur’s turn to choose his bride, and you being 18, were fully eligible. You could have easily run away, only problem, you were stuck in an orphanage till the whole thing was over with.
“(Name), you do realize that you have 10 minutes to get changed for Arthur, right?” Mrs. Smith, the orphanage manager, was standing in your doorway, her arms crossed and her reading glasses perched on the end of her nose.
“I am fully aware.” You grumbled, hoisting yourself into the window seat above the bed. “I simply refuse to take action.” Mrs. Smith took a deep breath, and then spoke again,
“It doesn’t matter if you refuse, you must.” When you didn’t reply, she stalked out. When you were positive that she was gone, you looked down at your dress, which was a light blue, with the seams slightly frayed.  ‘What’s wrong with my dress?’ you thought, huffing.

When you where 5 years old, your house caught on fire, killing both of your parents. You where instantly sent to the orphanage with the only thing they could get from the wreckage of your home. It was a necklace that your mother always wore, with a moon shaped blue gem. You never took it off.

“I search for your footprints
In stars in snow in memories,” Well, after several escape attempts, you finally decide to sulk in your window seat, softly singing a lullaby.
“Whether it is the eternal peace
This is the amids of a dream
With small wings, I ran across the hill
Straying from the road I close my eyes,”
“Mind if I come in?” You jumped your face flushing. You looked at the door, to find an amused Arthur leaning against it, smiling.
“In all honesty, I do mind, but I don’t think I really have a choice.” You replied, slightly embarrassed that someone had caught you in your private moment.  Arthur walked in and sat on the bed. He was wearing a clean white cotton shirt with black pants and boots. ‘Hm, I always thought he would have the long flowing cape.’ You thought, quickly looking away when he looked up at you.
“What were you singing?” he asked.
“A lullaby”. ‘Why the hell am I answering his questions?!?’ you shook you head.
“You sounded beautiful.” Arthur smiled. “But, why didn’t you want me to come in?”  You blinked.
“Well…” the truth was you had a deathly fear of vampires due to the fact that at your early years at the orphanage, you had a run in with a not so nice vampire who tried to eat you.
“Forget I asked, luv.” Arthur quickly said, noticing your discomfort. You nodded thanks.
“Sooo,” after a few moments of silence, you finally broke it again. “Aren’t you going to commit on the shabbiness of my dress?” Arthur glanced at it, then at you.
“It’s not that bad, and besides,” he looked away, and then stood up. “I think it looks good on you.”
“Wait, what?” you asked, confused but Arthur had already left. You shook your head, and then looked out the window, your figures finding there was to the pendent.  You spotted the vampire emerging from the orphanage. He caught you eye, gave you a quick smirk, then he was gone.  ‘Damn vampires and there super speed’ you thought, your head thunking against the window.


“I search for your footprints
In stars in snow in memories
Whether it is the eternal peace
This is amids of a dream”  
“GAH!” you jumped, smacking your head painfully against the bed post, cutting off your song.
“(Name)!” Mrs. Smith ran into your room, excitement plastered on her old face. ‘Oh dear god’ you thought, rubbing the bump on your head.
“Arthur wants’ to see you again!”
“I’m sorry,” you sat up, on eyes squeezed shut. “I can’t here you over the throbbing pain on the top of my head.” Mrs. Smith took a deep breath.
“Arthur wants to see you again.” She repeated. Your eyes widened (as you heard her this time).
“That can NOT be right.”
“I have a letter-“ You cut her off as you lunged for the letter, ripping it out of her grip. She scoffed as you read it over, your eyes getting wider.
“He’s coming tomorrow?” your voice was a whisper as you looked up at Mrs. Smith.
“Yes, tomorrow.” She smirked as you fell back on the bed ranting about ‘I’m 18’ and ‘I shouldn’t be in this dump anyway’ and ‘where is Death when you need him?’ She turned around to leave, but looked over and added,
“So be prepared to leave ‘this dump’.” Then she left, closing the door behind her.  You let out a loud groan, clutching the pendent.  ‘j-just calm down.’ You thought, squeezing your eyes shut. ‘if you have to leave, then so be it.’ You wished it was just that simple. Sadly it’s not. For one, you have that deathly fear of vampires thing, and two, well you didn’t want to be worshiped ever wear you went.
“firgging frigg frgg FRIGG!”


“It all went back to someday
Alone, at the end of of sky by yourself
The peace you wait for
Leaving behind a trail of light” you softly sang to yourself, gently rocking back and forth in the window seat. You figured you were going to die.
“With small wings, I ran across the hill
Straying from the road I close my eyes
With these unwavering wings,
I search for your footprints
In dreams in love in hearts
Leaving behind eternal light
Giving you eternal love”
“Luv, can I come it?” You snapped your head to the door to find Arthur standing there, looking a little concerned.  ‘Play it cool (name).’
“I’d rather you not, but OK.” you replied. Arthur let out a small smile before taking the place on the bed where he was yesterday.
“So, what do you need?” you asked, swinging you leg’s off the edge of the window seat. Ok, so you were pretty confident you weren’t going to die.
“Ok, so um,” the vampire took a deep breath, and then looked you in the eyes. “I’m choosing you.” You blinked, then your eyes widened.
“Wait, what?”
So, iv actually had this idea for a while now, and finally typed it up. It will get more serious in the next chapter (i hope).

Under the same moon sounded kinda cool for a title, thou im not entirely sure it fits...

yay, i finally did a reader insert again!

here's the song you was singing...not in…

Part 1: :reading:
Part 2…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5:…
Part 6:…
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